Internet guide now available

Internet guide now available Getting On Line, a guide to the Internet for small town leaders is available to the small town officials in South Dakota. Nancy Stark, National Center for Small Communities (NCSN) managed the Getting On Line project and is the book's principal author.

Subjects covered in the publication are getting on the Internet, exploring the web, putting local government online, encouraging public access and use, and attracting high-speed telecommunication services. There is also a chapter listing web sites that could be of interest to small town leaders.

The publication was made possible through a grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Cooperative State Research, Education and Extension Service.

Gail Brock, executive director for the South Dakota Association of Towns and Townships said, "All our small town members have received a copy of the Getting On Line publication. However, if there are other local officials who would like a copy, they may call the SDATAT office in Huron, (605) 353-1439." The only charge is for postage and handling. There are a limited number of copies available.

Brock said this latest publication is just one of many resources the National Center has provided for small decision makers. Earlier this year, the publication Keys to Successful Funding was made available to the small towns in South Dakota.

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