Letters Funds needed to cure diabetes

To the editor:

I've been following the news from Washington lately about the budget battles between Democrats and Republicans. One item that's been regrettably missing from the coverage is the wide agreement in Washington about the need to increase funding for the National Institute of Health (NIH).

This important government agency funds most of the medical research performed in this country. This year, key leaders in Congress have proposed a $1.5 to $2 billion increase in the NIH's budget. This is truly good news for all Americans.

But the budget increase could be especially good news for the 16 million Americans who suffer from diabetes. That's because the additional funding means NIH will now have more than enough money to implement the research plan of the Diabetes Research Working Group (DRWG).

This plan was requested by Congress and developed by a panel of the world's leading diabetes experts. The DRWG found that significant progress could be made maybe even a cure could be found, if significant resources were dedicated to diabetes research.

But now that Congress is set to provide the additional funding, it's up to NIH and the Clinton Administration to see that the DRWG plan is implemented, not ignored. By doing so, they can help the million of Americans who suffer from this deadly disease.

I have had Type I insulin dependent diabetes for 12 years. I test my blood sugar six to eight time a day, and take six shots of insulin a day. I have also developed a severe neuropathy in my feet because of the diabetes. In order to keep in good control I estimate that I have used 34,560 test strips, 34,560 lancets, 25,920 syringes, and 1,512 bottles of insulin. Additional funding by NIH would help find a cure so that children and teenagers would not have to spend a lifetime doing the daily finger pricks and taking injections of insulin each day for the rest of their lives.


Evelyn Breck


No excuse

for car damage

To the editor:

I have a girl from the university who helps with my invalid wife. She just came from Africa and the first week that she had a car someone jumped on the hood and smashed the windshield. Do we have some stupid redneck on the loose in Vermillion? I wonder what her impression is of this city?

Wendell Shouse


Last week's letter was nasty

To the editor:

The letter in last week's Plain Talk written by Kate Stewart and Gene Lunn was nasty and very unfair! Their attack on Brandon Wilsey and the Lambda Chi fraternity was uncalled for. Brandon is a sincere, responsible young man. He felt bad about what a few of the members had done and thought a public apology was necessary. I don't know what else Stewart and Lunn think he should have done.

As far as the noise and other accusations directed at the Lambda Chi fraternity � I know that you live a block or two from two other fraternities (one just two houses from you) and across the street from a house with quite a few young men living there. Have you gone out at 3 a.m. and asked the people making the noise if they belonged to Lambda Chi fraternity? Or did you just assume they were from the Lambda Chi? I believe probably the latter statement. And did you ask the young nude so-called pledge and his buddies if they were from Lambda Chi? Or did you just assume they were? I hate to disappoint you, but they were not from Lambda Chi.

No, the young men at the Lambda Chi fraternity are not angels, but they are not the horrible people you make them out to be. How do I know? I cook at this house and have for the last 11 years. Before that I was a secretary at USD for 25 years. So I have worked with young people for a number of years.

Nothing has ever been said about the good things this fraternity does such as the food drive for the Food Pantry or the "football run" with SDSU which benefits the Children's Hospital and School in Sioux Falls just to name a couple.

I would like to ask Stewart if something embarrassing was done in her department at the university, and she wrote a letter of apology, how she would feel if she was attacked and told "your apology sounds more like a public relations action than a sincerely felt concern"?

Vera Emerson

Cook for Lambda Chi Fraternity

Congratulations, Vermillion Tanagers

To the editor:

I want to congratulate Coach Gary Culver and the Vermillion Tanagers on winning the Class 11A football championship. This is a well-deserved honor that the communities, schools and the team's supporters can share. I also want to congratulate Jason Madsen on earning the Joe Robbie Most Valuable Player Award.

This season's success took considerable dedication, hard work and teamwork on everyone's part. Winning the state title is very impressive and it is a credit to the coaching staff, the parents, school administrators, players and support personnel. High school athletics offer many life-long lessons. The memories of this season's success will carry on for many years in the lives of the players who worked so hard to achieve their goal of winning a state title.

Again, congratulations to the Tanagers on winning the state football championship. Best wishes for a successful year to all the students at Vermillion High School.

Tim Johnson

U.S. Senator

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