Letters Clark's efforts make visitors center a reality

To the editor:

The front-page article appearing in the Vermillion Plain Talk on Friday, Oct. 29, was good news for Vermillion and all of South Dakota. The Lewis and Clark Learning Center at the W.H. Over Museum is an ambitious first step toward the development of a visitors center to showcase the Lewis and Clark visit to Spirit Mound. The support of Gov. Bill Janklow is a major factor for the learning center to become a reality.

I believe it is important, especially for the media, to give credit where credit is due. No place in your article is our legislator, Rep. Judy Clark mentioned; however, it was our Rep. Clark who petitioned directly to Gov. Janklow for his support. It was Judy Clark, the governor called, to tell her he was supporting the learning center and authorized her to inform the W.H. Over Museum.

This is an example of a legislator who supports our district not only during the legislative session but all year long, especially for such a worthy project, such as the learning center. The W.H. Over Museum and this district owes Judy Clark a thank you for her continuing efforts on this project.


Walter D. Reed


Museum grateful for Clark's help

To the editor:

Correction please. Unfortunately, one important name was lost in the telling about the exciting plans for the Lewis and Clark Learning and Information Center at the W.H. Over Museum. Rep. Judy Clark was instrumental in both the writing of the proposal and in its presentation. We are very grateful for her enthusiasm, help, interest and encouragement as we are also very happy with the beautiful front page article you wrote about the upcoming center. It's too bad her name was omitted.

But thanks to Judy, our team of workers and dreamers at the W.H. Over gathered together, wrote a grant asking for financial help in funding the project.

Thanks to Judy we are continuing to meet and to draw up the details of the center. By this time next year we will be able to dedicate at least part of this plan. It will be the result of Vermillionites working together, Friends, the Spirit Mound Trust members and other supporters. Meanwhile, we are continuing to think and talk about this part of our illustrious past. Long before Fort Vermillion even existed, the Lewis and Clark 40 were rowing their way up the Missouri River as it flowed through our area.

When the center is completed, interested visitors will be able to see, hear and read for themselves what the members of that expedition experienced nearly 200 years ago. Thanks to everyone who has worked on it so far and will be joining in the work with their time, talents, and finances.

In 1998, we began to talk and dream of those early days. Since then, several of our members have presented Saturday morning classes relating to the facts and fiction of the Lewis and Clark exploration in southeastern South Dakota. After all, they wrote about the plains, plants, animals, and the people they found here.

Upcoming this Saturday morning, for example, the fifth class on this topic, "Lewis and Clark Stories," will be presented by USD Professor Tom Gasque, a Lewis and Clark buff. This class is open to people of all ages. Call the museum, 677-5228, for further information.

Just a week later, at 7:30 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 13, Circuit Court Judge Art Rusch will present an illustrated talk about early Vermillion days before the flood of 1881 which caused Vermillionites to leave the river front and seek higher ground. This evening event will begin at 6:30 p.m. with a pot luck dinner. Everyone is welcome to both. Please call the museum for further information and to make reservations.

Hope to see you and your family at these two exciting events.

Dorothy Neuhaus


Apology offered to community

To the residents of Vermillion:

I would like to take this time to apologize to the residents and children of Vermillion for the actions taken by six members of our fraternity. This act was blatantly stupid, immature, and very embarrassing. This act is not in any way justifiable, and the breech of safety that some people felt is undeniably defensible.

The members that were responsible have been disciplined within the fraternity as well as what they were charged with by the police. There are other sanctions that are still pending with our national chapter but have not been handed down at this time.

It is really a shame that these members took it upon themselves to jeopardize an already rocky reputation for our chapter. This is not something that I, nor the rest or our fraternity, condone or encourage. It seems that it is always the few that ruin it for the many. There are decent men in our chapter, but their good deeds get overshadowed because of the poor decisions made by a few.

Please know that the individuals have been dealt with and actions are being taken to try and right this situation. Once again I apologize.

Brandon Wilsey, President Lambda Chi Alpha


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