Sturdevant’s adds in-store RadioShack

Sturdevant's adds in-store RadioShack Sturdevant's Auto Parts, a 30-location regional auto parts and accessories retailer, announced that Sturdevant's Auto Parts store at 900 W. Cherry in Vermillion now features an in-store RadioShack authorized sales center to supply customers with a complete line of electronic and communication accessories.

The in-store RadioShack department at the Sturdevant's in Vermillion opened Nov. 24.

RadioShack is the nation's best-known supplier of electronic parts and accessories, just as Sturdevant's is the region's best-known supplier of automotive parts and accessories. In addition, RadioShack has become the largest retailer of cellular and PCS phones in the country. The Vermillion location of Sturdevant's Auto Parts will include electronic parts and accessories at their in-store RadioShack department as well as a variety of cellular telephone, satellites and communications accessories, especially those related to automotive usage.

Sturdevant's Auto Parts was founded in 1932 in Pipestone, MN and has grown to encompass 30 retail and distribution facilities throughout the tri-state area of South Dakota, northwestern Iowa and southwestern Minnesota. Company headquarters is in Sioux Falls, where the company recently constructed a 100,000 square foot warehouse with over one million automotive parts and accessories.

"A partnership between RadioShack and Sturdevant's is a good fit," said Jack Sturdevant, president of Sturdevant's Auto Parts. "RadioShack has long been known as the leader in variety and availability of electronic equipment and parts. Sturdevant's has the same reputation in automotive accessories and parts. Together, we have what you need!"

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