Tanager history: Three perfect football seasons are remembered and compared

Tanager history: Three perfect football seasons are remembered and compared In the wake of the Tanager's "perfect" football season and championship run, it was asked "how many undefeated teams have there been in the history of Vermillion High School sports?"

Pondering the question, I decided to search the archives, files and yearbooks to help determine the answer.

In football there appears to be three seasons which had no losses � 1965, 1995, and 1999. This writer is in the unique situation of having attended and done the statistics for every game played in each of those three football seasons and a comparison of the teams for each year was suggested as the possibility of a series of articles covering opponents, scores, highlights, team members, awards, etc.

It occurred to me that there are winning streaks of individuals and other sports activities (wrestling, gymnastics and basketball come to mind) and perhaps it would be interesting to review those as part of the series. If anyone has information involving VHS athletes (or teams) who have accomplished such feats, I would appreciate it if you would contact me through the Plain Talk office or call me at 624-3139.

For now, the football teams with perfect seasons will be introduced.

Members of the 1999 Vermillion Tanager football squad were, first row, Dustin Larson, Casey Gale, Jeff Gilbertson, Adam Brooks, Eric Rickord, Tyler Vacek, Jared Thedorff, Chris Lynch, Pat Brooks, Matt Tiegen, Kris Hoffman and Oliver Hope; second row, Matt DeLosier, Jason Madsen, Thad Roche, Dave Hanson, Ryan Pickett, Eric Rasmussen, Mike Veitz, Andrew Knutson, Cory Beach, Dan Stroeh, Matt Smidt, Elliot Hasse and Landon Morse; third row, Ann-Marie Bickel, Courtney Tessler, Adam Yeager, Adam Mount, David Jensen, Brandon Wiemers, Chris Sinkie, Dan Tolsma, Brett Jepsen, Kristian Reynolds, Adam Koller, Brett Mockler, Ben Bazemore, Anthony Senne, Don O'Connor, John Holoch, Assistant Coach Jim McGuire and Assistant Coach Roger Heirigs; fourth row, Clint Christensen, Cullen Iverson, Chris Nelson, Wes Christensen, Tim Russell, Tim Brodersen, Cory Novak, Brandon Benzel, Matt Bedard, Adam Passick, Ray O'Connor and Head Coach Gary Culver..

Members of the 1995 Vermillion Tanager football squad were, back row, Marc Billings, Matt Jordt, Brian McGuire, Jarrod Edelen, Travis Vacek, Kevin McGuire, Matt Taggart and Paul Lilly; fourth row, Coach Jim McGuire, Stafford Larsen, Andy Mechtenberg, Matt Sorensen, Roland Johnson, Josh Merrigan, Blaine Schoellerman, Ben Leber, Mike Rasmussen, Ryan Knutson and Head Trainer Mark Feight; third row, Head Coach Gary Culver, Coach Roger Heirigs, Mikal Boughton, Aaron Kerkhove, Dan Nelson, Chad Stensaas, Vince Roche, Ben Hays, Ryan Baedke, Josh Stewart, Kevin Jensen, Chris Ross, Troy Myron, Coach Jeff Huska and Coach Paul Katzenmeyer; second row, Coach Chris Morton, Alison Hogen, Teisha Upward, Brandon Hays, Steve Powell, Rich Schoellerman, Wade Beach, Billy Willroth, Casey O'Connor, Brett Bartling, Joe Guerue, Jon Leffers and Coach Roger Albrecht; first row, Micah Thompson, Wade Bromwich, Mike Groves, Joe Ulrich, Travis Gors, Josh Koller, Shane O'Connor, Jeremy Johnson and Tim Willroth.

Members of the 1965 Vermillion Tanager football squad were, back row, John Gors, Chris Bernard, manager, Coach Marion Brink, Coach Jerry Pratt, Coach Jack Schuver, Coach Gayne Stone, Greg Fullenkamp, manager and Tim O'Connor; sixth row, John Armstrong, David Macy, Francis Armstrong, Randy Mollet, Steve Stewart, Ricky Millette, Chuck Iverson, Tom Dutcher, Randy Johnson; fifth row, Randy Schroeder, Harold Bursell, Dan Hubert, Myron Burke, Dave Christopherson, Tex Iverson, Den Hubert, Dick Lounsberry, Todd Tiahrt; fourth row, Dick Zimmerman, Jack Bierle, Mike Cusick, Bob Iverson, Larry Hollingsworth, Bruce Erickson, Doug Bergen, Craig Cisar, Gary Kipling; third row, Doug Moritz, Bruce Brunick, Stan Herren, Terry Youngworth, Gene Herbert, Wayne Austin, Charles Clark, Joe Erickson, Bill Kennedy; second row, Jim Fuchs, Jim Olson, Mike Hughes, Tony Glass, Greg Schultz, John Mitchell, Lyndon Oleson, Bob Connors, Bob Johnson; front row, Tom Fairbanks, Steve Busch, Tom Graf, Jim Nelson, Dick Slattery, Lonnie Cleland, Denny Helseth, Dave Iverson and John Krueger.

Succeeding articles will cover traditional rivalries, individual accomplishments and some highlights from selected games.

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