Clubs Vermillion Rotary Club

Randy Houska called the meeting to order for our regular luncheon at the Silver Dollar. Our guests today included Sue Ann Stutheit, Barbara Rothschadl, and Peggy Boots, along with visiting Rotarian Ron Cref, and, finally, five high school seniors: Allison Knutson, Adam Koller, Mike Kruse, Leah LaCroix and Rafal Kuduk.

For our program today Jack Noble introduced Professor John Day, dean of the College of Fine Arts, who took us back through some of the glorious but arduous history of fine arts here in South Dakota. The fine arts, we learned, were here from the founding of the university with musical and theatrical performances gracing the very first graduation ceremony. They survived the burning of Old Main, the Great Depression (indeed, the College of the Fine Arts was officially established in 1931), a scattering across campus as Old Main deteriorated and the College of Fine Arts grew, and finally, the collecting of music, art, and theatre in The Warren M. Lee Center for Fine Arts.

This building, designed by Wally Steel of Spirznagel Inc. is 25 years old this year and has proven an excellent, durable, and flexible facility. The Kneip Administration came up with the initial support for the really rather grand building, but, thereafter, normal South Dakota budgeting principles, which generally start with lopping off that zero at the end of the annual appropriation, took over. Staff, students, and alumni � tough prairie stock � have worked hard and steadily to fill the building over the years with the proper appurtenances of a facility dedicated to the arts.

A flexible floor for dance went in just this year. One of several events celebrating the completion of the Fine Arts Center was the recent rededication of Theatre I as The Wayne S. Knutson Theatre. Dr. Knutson, emeritus professor, but hardly retired, continues to play an active role in the world of theatre here in Vermillion and across the region. Dean Day invited us to the Fine Arts Center and see the fruits of the many years of dreaming and working.

Country Gals 4-H Club

The Country Gals 4-H Club met Sunday, Dec. 5 at the 4-H Center with eight members and three visitors present. For our Christmas party, we enjoyed dinner from Little Italy's. Then we exchanged Christmas gifts. Following the meeting, we went to the W.H. Over Museum.

Leslie Larson

Acting Reporter

Senior Citizens Center

There were 21 pitch, four pinochle, two skip-bo and 21 bridge players Wednesday, Dec. 8 at the Senior Citizens Center.

Everyone was still marveling about out wonderful extended fall weather.

Bridge prizes went to Shirley Riehle, high; Adeline Isaacson, second; Maurice Erickson, third; Folmer Christensen, fourth; Lois Erickson, blind bogie and Jim Prosser, low.

Refreshments were furnished by Peggy Mollet, Frances Mollet, Leone Christopherson and Marge Rasmussen. It was Marge and Bill Rasmussen's 59th anniversary!

Juno Chapter No. 44 OES

Juno's Grand Warder Fran Moore, with her assistants, Installing Marshal Janell Kribell, Installing Organist Jane Holoch and Installing Chaplain Beverly Orr, installed the following officers: Worthy Matron Vera Emerson, Associate Matron Fran Moore, Secretary Phyllis Noble, Treasurer Jean Ann Prosser, Conductress Susan Taylor-Lyman, Associate Conductress Sigrid Nissen, Chaplain Dolly Larson, Marshal Betty McCambridge, Adah Fern Morse, Ruth Meryl Reed, Electa Jill Willadsen and Sentinel Erik Nielsen. Six officers will be installed in January.

The regular business meeting was conducted by Worthy Matron Vera Emerson. The officers gave money for Scottish Rite Childhood Language Disorders and "Coalition Against Domestic Violence" in Vermillion. Evening refreshments were served by Betty Johnson and Kathryn and Erik Nielsen.

Moore and Emerson attended the annual Christmas party at the O.E.S. Home in Redfield Dec. 12. The state officers furnished the Christmas dinner and gifts were presented to the residents. The officers presented a program on different kinds of dances.

Juno's official visit will be Feb. 26.

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