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FSA Notes By Keith Zanter Loan Deficiency Payments

There are a couple of LDP rules to remember before you sell your grain off the farm. The form that you signed "before harvest" is not valid for grain delivered after harvest. Any LDP request for grain that was stored must be covered by a CCC-666 to be eligible for payment. This request must be done anytime before the grain is sold. Payment under this provision is figured based on the date of request. If you have 1999 grain stored in a bin, please contact the office before you sell the grain � to keep yourself eligible for any possible benefits. The deadline for 1999 crop Loans and LDPs is May 31, 2000.

Farm Record Changes

Please notify our office if you have changes in your farming operation such as acres owned, leased, purchased, and sold etc. It is important to revise the Production Flexibility Contracts so payments are issued to the correct individuals.

FY-2000 Payments

Fiscal Year 2000 Production Flexibility Contract Payments are being issued. You must request the payment from now to Sept. 1, 2000. Cash rent tenants will be required to provide the office with a current lease, a signed cash rent statement, or the owner will be required to sign the contract. The undesignated shares will need to be updated on share rent operations. This must be done prior to payments being made. If you have any questions, feel free to give the office a call at 605-624-7060. Ext. 2.

USDA is an equal opportunity employer and lender.

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