Letters County residents thanked for feedback

To the editor:

I want to thank the people of Clay County who met with my staff assistant, Mitchell Stewart, during his recent Community Outreach Day in Vermillion and Wakonda. Mitch has updated me on the information and feedback he received from Clay County citizens.

Mitch had the opportunity to meet with a variety of business and community leaders while in Clay County. He spent time in Wakonda at the Sundown Lounge where he was able to meet with local residents and discuss issues of concern to them.

Mitch then traveled to Vermillion where he met with staff of the Vermillion High School to discuss the renovations to the school. He also met with elected officials at the Clay County Courthouse; the Vermillion Chamber of Commerce; the Senior Center; The University of South Dakota and Sioux Valley Vermillion Hospital.

My staff's outreach days help me maintain communication with local communities regarding their ongoing development and growth. They allow me to stay informed of the issues and concerns of the community. Again, I thank everyone who took the time to meet with my staff during these meetings. As always, feel free to contact my office toll-free at 1-800-537-0025 or e-mail me at tim@johnson.


Tim Johnson

U.S. Senator

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