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School Comments by Marianne Upward The Reauthorization of IDEA '97 is finally final. There are four major themes reflected in the final regulations. They are:

A. Accountability for student progress in the general education curriculum and mastery of IEP goals/objectives.

B. Strengthening parental participation in the education process.

C. Remediation and disciplinary actions addressing behavior problems at school and in the classroom.

D. Preparation of students with disabilities for employment and independent living.

If you would like to see a copy of a review of the final regulations, please feel welcome to call me at 677-7025 or stop in my office located at the Vermillion Middle School on 422 Princeton Street.

As school has already been in session for a quarter and a half and although changes occur as needs increase and/or decrease throughout the school year, our special education staff is finally complete. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce them to you:

High school: Laurie Girard, teacher; Jean Garelik, teacher; Marcia Vrbka-Olson, tutor and Wendy Pederson, tutor.

Middle school: Erica Larsen, teacher; Stephanie Kocher, tutor; Jeanne Thomas, tutor and Cathy Larsen, tutor.

Jolley School: Jan Olson, teacher and DeLana Brink, tutor.

Austin School: Joy Fratzke, teacher and Margo Buchholz, tutor.

District Autism/Life Skills Program: Kelly Stone, teacher; Chris Hovden, tutor; Eric Schmidt, tutor and Sue Jopling, tutor.

Early Childhood Program: Kathy Fox, teacher of birth to 3/tutor; Jean Hansen, teacher of 3-5-year-olds and Renee Rath, tutor/speech/language therapist.

Related Services: Karen Ferris, speech/language pathologist; Janet Hoff, speech/language pathologist; Carrie Rowe, occupational therapist; Wilza Schmied, physical therapist; Dr. Heesook Choi, school psychologist and Valorie Turner, deaf education teacher.

Please let us know how we can be of service to your children in the Vermillion School District.

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