USD med school program receives national recognition

USD med school program receives national recognition An eight-part series on depression has won a national award for the USD School of Medicine's Office of Continuing Medical Education (CME). The Alliance for Continuing Medical Education will present the school with the 2000 award for the Most Outstanding Industry-Support Certified CME Activity for its audio conference series entitled "Dimensions of Depression."

The series, which ran last spring, focused on depression that doesn't typically respond to treatment. It was presented by national speakers to more than 20,000 participants in more than 6,700 sites throughout the world using the USD School of Medicine's telephone conferencing system

"The topic of depression was chosen because it is one of the most under-diagnosed, under-treated and mistreated illnesses," said Robert Raszkowski, MD, PhD, Dean of Academic Affairs and Continuing Medical Education at the School of Medicine. "The success of programs like this is due to a need on the part of physicians to be on the cutting edge of their profession � and that is part of our job, to help doctors stay up-to-date."

The award recognized the collaborative effort among the School of Medicine and the pharmaceutical industry supporter, Pharmacia and Upjohn, Inc. Working with Paulsen Marketing Communications and GenQuest Biomedical Education Services, Inc., direct mail and medical journal announcements of the program were done and a web site was created.

Representatives from the School of Medicine will receive the award in January at the annual conference of the Alliance for Continuing Medical Education in New Orleans, LA.

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