VHS claims Knowledge Master Open title

VHS claims Knowledge Master Open title Thousands of students throughout the country and in many foreign countries competed Dec. 8 in the 33rd Knowledge Master Open academic competition. Middle school, junior high, and high school students faced their computers and 200 tough questions to vie for top scores based on the accuracy and speed of their answers.

A team of 27 students at Vermillion High School scored 1,363 out of 2,000 possible points. Vermillion High School placed 204th out of 1,046 schools which participated. Vermillion High School also claimed its third straight South Dakota state title in Knowledge Bowl.

Academic Coach Mary Lea Hennies described the event as "Twenty-seven awesome students doing the best they can."

Students on the team are: Greg Reinhart, Dave Jensen, Cory Novak, John Ring, Wes Christensen, Dave Price, Seth Nesselhuf, Courtney Nelsen, Dariel Weaver, Jon Rusch, Dan Ring, Ani Seferi, Tim Goodman, Rhiannon Chandler, Anders Fremstad, Craig Bierle, Chris Hayes, Suzy Kitzler, Mark Vickrey, Todd Stephens, Kris Langlois, Zachary Baranowski, Kate Pommersheim, Meggie Paulson, Mark Rusch, Amritha Submaranian and Britt Fremstad.

The Knowledge Master Open was designed to stimulate enthusiasm for learning and recognition for academic accomplishment. The contest runs on classroom computers to allow all students the opportunity to compete in a large academic event without the expense of traveling to a central site.

Results of the contest are tabulated into overall, state, and enrollment-size rankings by Academic Hallmarks, a Colorado publishing firm that hosts the event. Contest results and example questions are available at www.great auk. com.

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