VHS gymnasts open winter sports with triangular

VHS gymnasts open winter sports with triangular The Vermillion High School girls gymnastics team opened the winter sports season Tuesday night by hosting the Vermillion Triangular.

In addition to the Tanagers, the participating teams were the Sioux Falls Lincoln Patriots and the Brandon Valley Lynx.

Sioux Falls Lincoln won the varsity division with 119.5, followed by Brandon Valley at 117.4 and Vermillion at 105.6.

The Tanagers were led by Tabitha Hubert at fifth on the beam, Amber Reisdorf and Beth Pier on floor at fifth and sixth respectively, and Terri Upward who placed sixth in the all around.

"We looked rusty for our first meet of the season, but I am very pleased with our performance as a whole," said Coach Mark Upward.

Varsity Results

ALL-AROUND: Andee Anderson BV 35.8, Megan Clarke L 33.40, Tiffany Miller BV 32.4, Krista Thompson BV 30.85, Katie Amen L 30.2, Terri Upward V 26.9.

BEAM: Andee Anderson BV 9.0, Megan Clarke L 7.9, Tiffany Miller BV 7.4, Katie Amen L 6.9, Tabitha Hubert V 6.7, Krista Thompson BV 6.7.

BARS: Andee Anderson BV 8.5, Megan Clark L 8.5, Krista Thompson BV 8.15, Tiffany Miller BV 8.0, Lisa Winter L 7.75, Katie Amen L 7.3.

FLOOR: Andee Anderson BV 9.2, Megan Clarke L 8.8, Tiffany Miller BV 8.8, Krista Thompson BV 7.8, Amber Reisdorph V 7.6, Beth Pier V 7.5.

VAULT: Andee Anderson BV 9.1, Katie Amen L 8.7, Stacey Wood L 8.5, Megan Clarke L 8.2, Tiffany Miller BV 8.2, Krista Thompson BV 8.2.

The VHS junior varsity had strong performances from Sarah Christopherson, Carly Bernard, Brittany Gilkyson, Megan Deaver and Jenna Gilkyson.

"We are looking for good things from these girls as they get more experience in competition," Upward said.

Junior Varsity Results

TEAM SCORES: Lincoln 69.75, Vermillion 54.75, Brandon Valley 47.5.

ALL-AROUND: Amy Hindbjorgen L 19.35, Lindsey Dolge L 18.75, Danielle Parker BV 13.8, Heidi Burns L 13.1.

BEAM: Sara Christopherson V 5.3, Lindsey Dolge L 4.9, Angela Bakke L 4.5, Danielle Parker BV 4.5, Carly Bernard V 4.2, Amy Hindbjorgen L 4.1.

BARS: Brittany Gilkyson V 4.75, Sarah Christopherson V 3.2, Amy Hindbjorgen L 2.85, Megan Deaver V 2.75, Angela Bakke L 2.25, Jenna Gilkyson V 18.5.

FLOOR: Adena Hofer L 4.9, Lindsey Dolge L 4.8, Amy Hindbjorgen L 4.6, Melissa Thompson BV 3.8, Katie Burrel BV 3.5, Heidi Burns L 3.1.

VAULT: Angela Bakke L 7.4, Lindsey Dolge L 7.3, Amy Hindbjorgen L 7.2, Sarah Christopherson V 7.2, Shauntae Nielson BV 7.1, Brittany Gilkyson V 7.0.

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