8th-grade Redbirds split double-header

8th-grade Redbirds split double-header Vermillion Middle School's B team was victorious over the Lennox reserves on Thursday, Jan. 6 at the VMS gym with a score of 28-18.

Leading scorer for Vermillion was Jason Holoch with 8, followed by Collin Prosser, 6; Max Mayer, David Yutrzenka and B. J. Campbell, 4 each; and Brian Varns, 2.

All members on the reserve team played at least two quarters in the game.

Fouls: Vermillion 5, Lennox 6. For the Lennox B team, the top scorer was Mike Mourer with 12.

B Team season record: 1-0.

The Redbird eighth-grade A team did not fare as well, falling to Lennox 44-32, with three double point scorers on the visitor's team overpowering a scrappy Vermillion group.

Leading scorer for VMS was Trevor Garrett with 8 points, Jared Burcham, 6, B J Campbell, 5, Tyler Brown and Jeremy Yankton, 4 each, Nathan Boots, 3, and Adam Brunick 2 .

Fouls: Vermillion 8, Lennox 8.

A Team season record: 0 – 1.

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