Boosters landscape VHS champion sign

Boosters landscape VHS champion sign The new Vermillion High School State Champions sign has taken on an even more outstanding appearance due to the efforts of a very supportive community and the power of approximately 30 willing bodies. Nov. 6 proved to be a mild enough day to complete the landscaping project on the heels of yet another State 11-A Football Championship.

The VHS Athletic Boosters acquired supplies and equipment from local businesses including Herren-Schemp Building Supply, Vermillion Ford, O'Connor Construction, Ludey's/Standard Ready Mix, Campbell's Supply and Clay Rural Water.

The Civic Council provided a cash donation, while Jones' Food and Hy-Vee provided food for the workers. The sign sits on property owned by the Conerstone Church located at the corner of Cherry Street and Crawford Road. The Boosters plan to add plants in the spring.

This attractive addition to our community was made possible through the eagerness of individuals and businesses wanting to become involved. Visitors to our community from the east will be greeted by a sign that indicates pride in a fine school and community.

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