Clubs ETA Chapter of the Delta Kappa Gamma

ETA Chapter of the Delta Kappa Gamma Society International held their annual Christmas meeting at the Austin-Whittemore House in December. Hostesses for the evening were Donna Schaefer, Karen Ferris, Pat Michels and Lynn Milton.

Judy Aiello, music chairman, provided Christmas music with members acting as the singing choir.

First Vice President Maureen Richardson presented Joy Fratske with her Delta Kappa Gamma membership certificate.

ETA chapters members brought food items for Christmas baskets distributed to needy families in the Vermillion community. The chapter baked cookies and made candies for the cheer plates provided by Civic Council.

The next meeting will be held Jan. 29, 10 a.m. at the Vermillion Public Library with members participating in the cracker barrel session given by the legislators of Clay County. Following the session, members will got to the Silver Dollar for a luncheon and business meeting under the direction of President Linda Wymar.

Clay County Democrats

The monthly meeting of the Clay County Democrats was held at noon Jan. 5 at the Prairie Restaurant.

Berwyn Svoboda, chair, called the meeting to order. He spoke about prospective candidates for the upcoming fall election. Maxine Johnson reported on correspondence which had been sent out to various individuals and which had been received from the central Democratic office.

A list of goals for the state of South Dakota as well as a statement concerning the problems with the juvenile corrections system and its surrounding poor publicity had been received and was reviewed by those present. Senator Joe Reedy conducted a question and answer forum on bills to be introduced during the upcoming legislative session. He also responded to questions and concerns from the group.

Some of the bills which are to be introduced caused some concern including one which would prohibit high school students from participating in extra curricular activities of any kind if they should be caught using drugs. The concern being that bad behavior would be reinforced because there would be no way to replace it with good behavior or positive messages. He also informed us that this will be the year when counties will be subject to being redistricted. Cracker barrel sessions will take place on Jan. 29 and Feb. 19 with places and times to be announced.

The next meeting of the Clay County Democrats will take place on Wednesday, Feb. 9 at the Prairie Restaurant. David Lorenz, USD dean of students, will be our speaker. Information concerning the meeting will be on Channel 3.

United Methodist Women

The First United Methodist Women held their first meeting of the new year Jan. 6.

President Maxine Raymond called the meeting to order at 2 p.m. Thirty-five members and guests attended the meeting.

Rev. Robert Eason conducted the installation of this year's officers.

Lola Johnson, program chair, introduced John Jorgensen. Jorgensen's presentation was an informative and inspirational description of his missionary trip in Camaroon, Africa. Jorgensen went to Camaroon to help construct a roof and to work as a nurse.

Hope Circle IV served as January hostess.

The UMW theme is "Mission Alive In The New Millennium." All women are eligible to join. UMW meets the first Thursday of each month at 2 p.m. Contact Mary Parry 624-4815 or the Methodist Church office 624-2179 for more information.

Vermillion Jaycees

The general membership meeting of the Vermillion Jaycees was held Jan. 4. The treasurer's report was given by Jennifer Steele. The balance was $2,417.63.

President Elizabeth Acosta gave the management development report. LOTS will be Jan. 22 in Mitchell. All are encouraged to attend. Winter Boards is Feb. 4-6, in Watertown. Make plans to attend. Acosta also expressed her hopes and dreams for this Jaycee year and listed the projects she feels are important for the Jaycees to run this year to make a difference in the community of Vermillion.

Under the individual development area, ideas for individual development projects were discussed. At the Jan. 18 meeting, Lisa Miller will present a seminar on how to write a chairman's planning guide.

Under the membership area, the progressive dinner is scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 19. The Christmas Party and Awards Night held Dec. 14 at the Eagles was a success.

"We're going to have a fun year and make a difference in Vermillion. I'm open to suggestions and would like to see our membership increase dramatically this year." Acosta said.

All are welcome to attend the general membership meetings. The Jaycees next meeting will be at 7 p.m. Jan. 18 at the Chamber. For information about the Jaycees or its projects, call Elizabeth Acosta at 624-7294.

Senior Citizens Center

Forty-three card players gathered at the Center Wednesday, Jan. 5 and helped Leone Christopherson celebrate her 84th birthday when husband Herb Christopherson furnished a cake and Bill Rasmussen furnished the ice cream for the refreshments.

Fifteen played pitch and two (Leone Christopherson and Bob Millette each) "shot the moon." That is singly declared and they took every trick themselves without a partner. Four played pinochle, three Skip-bo, and 21 bridge.

Bridge prizes were earned by Monica Ballard, high; Veronica Heimes, second; Lola Christensen, third; Reidella Engman, blind bogie and Folmer Christensen, low.

Come join us at 1 p.m. on Wednesday and don't forget china painting Friday mornings.

USD Emeritus Club

The USD Emeritus Club met at noon on Wednesday, Jan. 5 at the Silver Dollar Restaurant.

The featured speaker was Margaret Miller, learning resources and reference librarian/assistant professor at USD's I.D. Weeks Library. She presented three stories. Miller routinely entertains school groups with her talent of telling stories. Many of them are based on stories that her grandmother told to her while she was growing up. She also explained how a story teller learns the stories and how to make them more interesting and entertaining.

Dr. Wayne Knutson presented a report on the progress of funding for the Shakespeare Garden and was quite pleased to inform the membership that enough funds have been raised to begin completion of the next phase of the garden.

The next meeting of the Emeritus Club will be on Thursday, Feb. 3 at noon at the Silver Dollar Restaurant. This is a one-time change in the day and date of the regular meeting and members are asked to please make note of the change. As a concession to our willingness to make this adjustment, there will be a discount offered on menu meals ordered that day. The information concerning the meeting will also be posted on Channel 3.

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