Clay County is home to pesky varmints

Clay County is home to pesky varmints by David Lias Coyote, beaver and fox appear to be the top preda-tory/nuisance animals that plague Clay County.

According to a state Game, Fish and Parks Department Wildlife Damage Management Summary for the county, received by the Clay County Commission Tuesday, the county paid approximately $1,540 in assessments to the GF&P�s Animal Damage Control Fund.

In contrast, the total animal damage control expenses in Clay County during that time period totaled just over $2,600. GF&P officials removed 15 coyotes, 16 beavers, one fox and 10 nuisance animals, such as skunks, from county properties in the last fiscal year.

Predatory and nuisance animals caused $800 in livestock losses, destroyed $350 in trees and $3,370 in other verified resource losses, such as crop destruction.

The GF&P invested 100 man hours and $300 in equipment to control nuisance animals.

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