Clubs Jolly Juniorettes

The Jolly Juniorettes met Oct. 12, at the 4-H center. The flag pledge was led by Matthew May and the 4-H pledge by Ariel Begley.

The club members each brought items to be donated to the Vermillion Food Pantry. The election of officers was held and the new officers are: President � Theresa Dendinger, Vice President � Sara Anderson, Secretary ��Allison Knutson, Treasurer � Michael Dendinger, Reporter ��Patty Crowley, and Camera � Ariel Begley.

Matthew May gave a demonstration entitled "Canoe Basics." A Halloween craft session was led by Dora Lynch.

The Jolly Juniorettes 4-H Club met Dec. 14 at the Sioux Valley Vermillion Care Center to sing Christmas carols to the residents. A box of oranges was presented to the residents from the members of the club. We then met at the 4-H center for a pizza party and gift exchange.

Mittens were collected from the members to give to the school. Money was collected for Camp Lakodia. The Christmas craft class was given by Dora and Krystal Lynch on wooden Christmas trees.

Senior Citizens Center

On Wednesday, Jan. 26, there were 52 card players � four pinochle, 22 pitch, two skip-bo and 24 bridge.

Bridge prize winners were: Deanie Christopherson, high; Marlys Miller, 2nd; Betty Lynn, 3rd; Leona Kryger, 4th; Marie Parke blind bogie and Jim Prosser, low

Refreshments were ice cream and brownies furnished by Liz Nissen.

On Jan. 31 the last Monday of the month fund raiser card party had 34 card players, 10 pitch, 12 pinochle and 12 bridge.

Bridge prizes went to: Shirley Riehle, high; Marilyn Siecke, 2nd; Leona Kryger, 3rd.

Eleanor Offerdahl's name was drawn for door prize, and other drawings were Mary Maxwell, Marilyn Siecke, Herb Christopherson, Mearl Brewer and Evelyn Riehle.

Refreshments were furnished by Evelyn Riehle, Alice Johanson, Garnette Perry, Erna Frahm and Nola Lawrensen.

Join us on Wednesday of every week at 1 p.m. and the last Monday of each month (as a fund raiser) No reservations needed.

Vermillion Rotary Club

The Vermillion Rotary Club met at noon at the Silver Dollar Restaurant on Feb. 1. President Randy Houska welcomed guests Doug Peterson and five high school seniors, Seth Nesselhuf, Becky Nieman, Vanessa Noonan, Cory Novak and Leif Nygaard.

As a reminder, we will be meeting at the Senior Citizen's Center next Tuesday, Feb. 8, rather than at the Silver Dollar Restaurant. Come and enjoy! Also, be sure to sign up for an evening of fellowship on Feb. 14. The event will be held in the Rushmore Rooms at the Coyote Student Center. In recognition of President's Day please wear red, white and blue and a prize will be awarded for the most creative use of these colors. Please call Deb at 624-9278 to sign up by Feb. 9.

Jack DeVany introduced Sandy Sullivan, our guest speaker. She represents the Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Sandy, the outreach coordinator, showed us a video outlining violence portrayed as physical, emotional and sexual. This video is shown each year to the middle school children. Sandy also shared alarming national statistics, for example: each year four women per day are murdered due to domestic violence and one out of two women will experience a violent relationship in their lifetime. Also, of crimes committed by juveniles, 74 percent grew up in violent homes and you are 11 times more likely to abuse if as a child you witnessed your father abusing your mother. Our thanks to Sandy for sharing this information and several brochures outlining where help can be reached.

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