Letters Innocent lives are worth something, aren't they?

To the editor:

I hope Judge Rusch will think long and hard before he sets sentencing on Daren Olson. This man was supposedly a trained police officer. He was trained on how to handle anger and frustration, etc. If a man like this could do this to his own child, what would he do to someone he doesn't even know?

Why was he allowed to go to his daughter's funeral? Why has he not spent any time in jail? Why should he be allowed to walk around a free man? He didn't even give his daughter the chance to learn to walk.

Is it because he was an officer of the law? Or because his grandfather was a judge? What has happened to our judicial system? People can murder innocent babies (ones that can't even defend themselves against the ones who are supposed to love and protect them) and walk around free for months, then if and when they do go to prison, they get hardly any time at all. They get three square meals a day, a roof over their head, and clothes on their back, and when they get out they go about their merry way.

It didn't appear that Daren was very remorseful Friday (Feb. 11) in court, but I don't know what he is feeling. I do know that one day he will have to answer to the Lord for the crime he did, and let's see him plea bargain with the Lord.

No, I know nothing is going to bring Jordyn back, but justice needs to be served for this poor baby, and others out there like her. Their lives are worth something aren't they?

Thank you for your time,

Marsha Boykin

Sioux City, IA

Olson should get what he deserves

To the editor:

My name is Robin Blaker. I am an aunt to Maria Olson.

I just want the people of South Dakota and the courts to know the pain this tragedy has caused Maria and her family. I am shocked in the way this case has been handled so far. What is it that needs to be done for the legal rights of our very young and innocent children?

I am the mother of four children and four grandchildren. I cannot imagine the pain my sister or niece have gone through, but I can see it and hear it. It just seems to me that the handling of this case is being done to just hurry and get it out of the limelight. No one is really focusing on the real issue here and that is Jordyn Olson.

The fact that a man can take the life of a child is far beyond anything that I can imagine but to get away with it, without serving so much as a 24-hour period of time in jail is even harder.

This was a little girl that lit up my sister and brother-in-law's life as well as their other grandchildren and to have that one little person now gone is so terribly, terribly sad. Please take the time and look everything over in this case and think about every child in this country that depends on their families and country to protect them.

I love my niece very much and to see her go with this is very hard on my family. Also, there is not a day that goes by that I don't think of her, her daughter and her family. Please let's help Maria and her family heal and that is to see that Daren Olson gets exactly what he deserves.

Thank you.

Robin Blaker

Sioux City, IA

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