Letters Bed and breakfast offers special treat

To the editor:

We want to recommend the Goebel Bed and Breakfast in Vermillion. We live outside of Vermillion and stayed at the bed and breakfast on a Friday night before the Christmas holidays.

We were surprised how much fun it was to treat ourselves to something so special in our hometown.

Pat Goebel's house is very historic with so many personal anecdotes relating to the olden days of Vermillion.

The gourmet breakfast was terrific.

I enjoyed the antiques and old photos the best. If you are looking for a special Valentine treat you might consider getting away from it all in your own town!


Grace Freeman

Honor our hospitalized veterans

To the editor:

During the week of Feb. 14, our nation will honor our hospitalized veterans through the Department of Veterans Affairs "National Salute to Hospitalized Veterans Week." I would like to acknowledge all of South Dakota's hospitalized veterans and thank them for their service and sacrifices in behalf of the nation.

"National Salute to Hospitalized Veterans Week" began in 1974 to pay tribute to hospitalized veterans and to encourage Americans to visit hospitalized veterans and work as VA volunteers. The traditional observance during the week of Valentine's Day is appropriate because the sentiments of caring and sharing match the VA's purpose of expressing honor and appreciation to hospitalized veterans.

All of us, as Americans, owe a great debt of gratitude to those who served our nation with such dedication and patriotism. I would like to encourage people to spend some time with our hospitalized veterans at the Fort Meade and Hot Springs Medical Centers and the Sioux Falls VA Medical and Regional Office Center and express to them your appreciation for their commitment to serving our country. I am sure that our veterans would greatly appreciate this heartfelt gesture.

I also want to thank Peter Henry, director of the VA Black Hills Health Care System and R. Vincent Crawford, director of the Sioux Falls VA Medical and Regional Office Center and their staffs for their continuous leadership and dedication in serving the needs of our state's veterans. I always have felt that veterans in South Dakota are extremely fortunate to have such high quality facilities, doctors, staff, and administrators at our VA hospitals that provided care second to none.

Again, I want to salute our hospitalized veterans as we celebrate "National Salute to Hospitalized Veterans Week" and thank the many volunteers who have shared their time to pay tribute to our honored veterans.


Tim Johnson

United States Senate

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