Program explores history of music

Program explores history of music The Department of History of The University of South Dakota, with support from the University Honors Program, presents the First Spring Colloquium in the History of Music.

The colloquium will take place in Farber Hall in Old Main on USD's campus on Friday, Feb. 18, from 12:05 to 12:50 p.m.

John Koster, conservator and professor of museum science, America's Shrine to Music Museum presents "I Can Tell a Lie: Musical Instrument Fraud, Past and Present."

Koster put his sleuthing skills to good use when he detected a fake harpsichord among a group of instruments recently considered for acquisition by the Shrine to Music Museum. In this talk he will describe various types of fraud involving musical instruments, including one perpetrated by George Washington. Whatever the motive � national interest, a private grudge, most often money � fraud remains a serious and often unrecognized problem for historians of musical instruments as well as for dealers, collectors, and museums.

Subsequent colloquia in this series:

March 3: Mary Oleskiewicz, curator of musical instruments, America's Shrine to Music Museum, and assistant professor of music, USD, presents "Flutes, Fakes, and First Impressions: Some Things Aren't Really What They Seem."

May 5: Richard Rognstad, associate professor of music, USD, presents "American Art Music before the First World War: Why Bother?"

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