‘Report of Academic Progress’ now available at local schools

'Report of Academic Progress' now available at local schools A report detailing key indicators of educational progress in South Dakota public schools is available for review at each public school district business office.

Each year, the Department of Education and Cultural Affairs publishes the South Dakota Annual Report of Academic Progress. The 2000 edition, which is now available, provides data from the 1998-99 school year on attendance and dropout rates, achievement test scores, ACT scores, and Board of Regents feedback on students entering state universities.

"These data help answer the question of "how are our schools doing?" said Ray Christensen, department secretary. "While these scores represent just a few indicators of progress, they are a valuable source of information about education in South Dakota."

The report provides statewide summaries, as well as individual school district profiles. It is the third year that the department has published the report, which was authorized by the 1997 South Dakota Legislature.

The information is also available via the Department of Education and Cultural Affairs web site at



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