Tanager wrestling team hosts quad

Tanager wrestling team hosts quad by Jim Prosser Several highlights for the Tanager wrestlers at the quadrangular meet on Parents Night, Tuesday Feb. 1 were: 3-0 records by Adam Koller, Elliot Hasse, Jared Thedorff and Chris Sinkie; Adam Hasse went 2-0; and Kollar had an unconfirmed record pin in five seconds!

Local merchants furnished prizes to spectators for every Tanager win by fall; 13 pins were recorded by the home team.

Final team results: Dakota Valley, 3-0; Vermillion, 2-1; West Sioux, 1-2; Beresford, 0-3.

"We had a very successful night in the quadrangular, with two great wins against West Sioux and Beresford," said Coach Bret Jones. "We only wish that we could have finished out the night with a win over Dakota Valley, but we fell a little short. The last two weeks we have wrestled very well and this should give us the momentum heading into the regional tournament at Yankton."

Regional action is Feb. 17-18.

Results of the Tanagers' Parents Night quad include:

Vermillion 45, West Sioux 20

112 � Andrew Steckelberg (WS) technical fall Andy Hayner, 17-2; 119 � Tyler Zimmerman (V) dec. Ross Koorman, 9-4; 125 � Devin VanDerBrink (WS) dec. Ben Parson, 5-3; 130 � Josh Kyte (V) pinned Zae Porter 3:16; 135 � Jerod Brugett (WS) won by forfeit; 140 Adam Koller (V) pinned Tate Martinsen 1:33; 145 � Elliot Hasse (V) pinned Cody Green 2:56; 152 Jared Thedorff (V) won by forfeit; 160 � Adam Hasse (V) won by forfeit; 171 � Chris Sinkie (V) pinned Jordan Merrick 1:30; 189 Roberto Mara (WS) pinned Kellen Cusick 2:50; Hwt. � Ray O'Connor (V) pinned Chris Lindgren 2:57.

Vermillion 51, Beresford 10

112 � Andy Hayner (V) decision Kyle Wilson, 2-1; 119 � Tyler Zimmerman (V) pinned Rob Hansen 1:36; 125 � Ben Parson (V) pinned John Nygaard 2:53; 130 � Josh Kyte (V) pinned Charlie Faehnrich 2:24; 140 � Adam Koller (V) pinned Joe Landeen :05; 145 � Elliot Hasse (V) pinned Bryan Fodness 1:59; 152 � Jared Thedorff (V) pinned Jeremiah Merriman 1:20; 160 � Adam Hasse (V) pinned Matt Decker 1:45; 171 � Chris Sinkie (V) won by forfeit; 189 � Mike Lounsbery (WS) pinned Kellen Cusick 3:22; Hwt. � Greg Faehnrich major decision Ray O'Connor, 12-4.

Dakota Valley 27, Vermillion 24

103 � Derek Hoffman (DV) won by forfeit; 112 � Andy Hayner (V) decision Rocky Welker, 12-8; 119 � Greg Cook (DV) pinned Tyler Zimmerman :55; 125 � Jake Cook (DV) pinned Ben Parson 2:30; 130 � Bill Schmit (DV) decision Josh Kyte, 3-1; 145 � Adam Koller (V) decision Freddy Edwards, 7-2; 152 � Elliot Hasse (V) won by forfeit; 160 � Jared Thedorff (V) major decision Vern Miller, 12-2; 171 � Chris Sinkie (V) major decision Eric Vollmer, 14-4; 189 � Dan Fuxa (DV) pinned Kellen Cusick 1:15; Hwt. � Ray O'Connor (V) major decision Steve Mizner, 11-1.

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