Tourism benefits Clay County in ’99

Tourism benefits Clay County in '99 Visitors to Clay County spent $6.7 million in 1999 on lodging, food and beverages, attractions and retail items.

Statewide, visitors spent $593 million in 1999, $8 million more than in 1998 and the largest amount ever recorded.

Visitor spending in '99 created a $1.48 billion impact on South Dakota's economy. Visitor spending also generated $18,012,000 in state sales tax and $19,316,000 in state gasoline tax. Together, the two taxes accounted for a $3.7 million increase over 1998.

"Visitor spending continued its upswing in 1999," said Patricia Van Gerpen, secretary of the Department of Tourism. "Travelers in 1998 produced the highest rate of real growth in vacation and travel spending on record, which suggests that the industry vitality observed in '98 continued in '99. Plus, the visitor industry keeps nearly 31,000 South Dakotans employed."

For fiscal year 1999, the Department of Tourism promoted the state with a budget of $4.9 million.

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