VHS gymnasts host regionals

VHS gymnasts host regionals by Jim Prosser The Tanager gymnastics team hosted the Region 2A meet on Friday, Feb. 11 at the high school gymnasium.

The five schools represented in Region 2A , including Vermillion, were Madison, Miller, Wagner and West Central.

The tournament consisted of individual and team competition to qualify for the state meet held in Huron on Feb. 18. The top 10 gymnasts in each event were presented a medal and qualified for state. The two schools with the best team score also qualify all members of each school for the state meet.

Vermillion High School gymnasts qualifying for state in their respective events were:

Beam � Beth Pier, 6th, 7.3; Tabitha Hubert, 9th, 6.8.

Bars � Brittney Gilkyson, 4th, 7.85.

Floor � Terri Upward, 6th, 7.7; Meganne Hovden, 7th, 7.6; Amber Reisdorph, 9th, 7.3.

Vault � Katie Connors, 5th, 8.4; Brittney Gilkyson, 10th, 8.05.

VHS also had three gymnasts earn all-around honors: Amber Reisdorph, 6th, Katie Connors, 8th, and Terri Upward, 10th.

Vermillion girls who were not in the top 10 out of 30 participants in each event were:

Beam � Terri Upward, 12th, Amber Reisdorph, 13th, Jenny Merrigan , 16th.

Bars � Reisdorph, 12th, Amy Schoellerman, 13th, Natalie Tuetken, 14th, Terri Upward, 15th.

Floor � Beth Pier, 12th, Katie Connors, 13th.

Vault � Reisdorph, 12th, Meganne Hovden, 17th.

The champion school with a score of 136.225 was Madison with Vermillion placing second, scoring its season high of 116.55.

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