VMS gymnasts win over YMS in dual invitational

VMS gymnasts win over YMS in dual invitational In a gymnastics meet held at the practice facility in Vermillion, the seventh- and eighth-grade gymnasts outscored the Junior Gazelles from Yankton 90.2-67.6 last Saturday Jan. 21.

The places for the young competitors in each event were:


1st � Sarah Christopherson; 2nd � Brittney Gilkyson; 3rd � Carrie Brooks (Y); 4th � Ashley Lorenz (Y); 5th � Amanda Simpson(Y).

Uneven bars

1st � Brittney Gilkyson; 2nd � Sarah Christopherson; 3rd � Carrie Brooks (Y); 4th � Joanna Eastmond; 5th � Sarah Gregg.

Balance beam

1st � Sarah Christopherson; 2nd � Sarah Gregg; 3rd � Morgan Brooks; 4th � Amanda Simpson (Y); 5th � Tyra Upward.

Floor exercise

1st � Sarah Christopherson; 2nd � Carrie Brooks (Y); 3rd � Amanda Simpson (Y); 4th � Alisha O'Connor; 5th � Sarah Schenkel (Y).


1st � Sarah Christopherson; 2nd � Amanda Simpson (Y); 3rd � Carrie Brooks (Y); 4th � Ashley Lorenz (Y).

"It was fun to watch these girls compete against gymnasts of their own age. It was exciting for them," said Coach Mark Upward.

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