AAA issues tips for conservation of fuel

AAA issues tips for conservation of fuel For the fifth time in its 98-year history, AAA has issued a set of fuel-conservation instructions for motorists struggling with the strain of record-high fuel prices.

AAA's energy conservation guidelines, contained in the booklet AAA Gas Watcher's Guide, are available from any AAA office in South Dakota. The advice contained in the guide encourages motorists to systematically rethink their approach to day-to-day driving. Some of the key tips contained in the guide are:

* Change driving attitudes. Make fuel conservation top-of-mind when choosing which vehicle to drive, the distance of the destination and what trips and errands to run.

* Consider driving style consequences. Save fuel by slowing down, maintaining steady speeds and avoiding rapid acceleration and sudden stops. Leave plenty of time to reach destinations and don't let the engine idle.

* Don't be fuelish. Shop for the lowest gas price with your steering wheel, but don't drive excessive miles hoping to save a few cents per gallon. If you see a lower price, by all means pull in and fill up, but don't drive around looking for a lower price � that only wastes gasoline.

* Practice good vehicle maintenance by making certain tires are properly inflated, the air filter is clean, the engine and chassis are properly lubricated and spark plugs are in good condition.

* Check your vehicle owner's manual to make certain the grade of gasoline being purchased is the correct one. Most vehicles are designed to operate on lower cost regular gasoline.

* Save money by considering car pools and public transportation as a form of commuting if available. Car pools for school and children's activities can also cut fuel costs.

* High gas prices don't have to mean high vacation costs. AAA clubs offer members and other travelers advice for planning energy-efficient getaways.

For a free copy of the AAA Gas Watcher's Guide, stop by any AAA South Dakota office, or call toll-free, 1-800-222-4545.

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