City calls for fire station plans

City calls for fire station plans by David Lias The Vermillion City Council agreed Monday to have architect Bob Lee of RML Architects, Sioux City, IA, complete plans for a new fire station in the city, even though funding for the structure is uncertain.

Mayor William Radigan told the aldermen that such a plan is needed before any type of progress can be made on the project.

"I have thought about this a great deal, and it's my opinion that we have to get the design finished before we can get the work done that the people want us to do, and I think we have to have a completed design before we can do a good job of that," Radigan said.

He added that the city must act soon on this project, before inflation adds considerably to its cost. "I believe it's time that the council gets started on this."

Radigan offered a motion that the architect complete the design and present it to the council as soon as possible. The council, he added, could then alter the design to come up with a final plan that is affordable.

Lee stopped work on developing plans earlier this year largely due to two factors: soil problems have been discovered at the new fire hall's proposed site that will add from $20,000 to $30,000 to its cost.

Vermillion also has been refused a $200,000 Community Development Block Grant it was counting on to help finance the project.

The estimated cost of the building, as originally designed, is approximately $1.2 million. Radigan said funding sources the city hopes to use are the $200,000 grant and $1 million in city sales tax money.

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