Clubs Beta Zeta Chapter/ESA

Beta Zeta Chapter of Epsilon Sigma Alpha held its March meeting at the home of Patricia Coursey.

Newly installed officers are: Co-Presidents Cleo Kosters and Eleanor Fabricus, Vice President Patricia Coursey, Secretary Helen Burton, Treasurer Ileen Weisser, and Parliamentarian Mary Perry.

Officers were installed by Gwen Mount. A new member, Lorraine Griffin was initiated.

Plans were made for the State Convention to be held in Vermillion in May.

We are reminded to bring items for the April Auction and time capsule to our next meeting.

Senior Citizens Center

A beautiful fall-like day, Wednesday, March 8 found 20 pitch, four skip-bo and 14 bridge players at the Vermillion Senior Citizen Center.

Refreshments were furnished and served by Betty Lynn and Myrtle Hickman at 3 p.m.

Bridge prizes were won: Eve Marshall high; Barb Kronaizl, second; Jim Prosser, third and Adeline Isaacson, low.

Come join these players at 1 p.m. coffee break at 3 p.m. and wind up at about 4:30 p.m. No reservations necessary.

Clay County Democrats

The monthly meeting of the Clay County Democrats was held at noon March 8 at the Prairie Restaurant. Allen Johnson, co-chair, Clay County Democrats, called the meeting to order. Pat Haley's visit to the USD campus was discussed and those present indicated they were unanimous in supporting those efforts to continue to keep citizens of South Dakota aware of the problems concerning the juvenile boot camps. Sen. Joe Reedy spoke to the group regarding the activities of this year's legislative session. He indicated that the Legislature will meet to conclude this session's business on March 14-15. Most of the questions which were posed to him addressed concerns having to do with the bills and discussions which had to do with education and juvenile detention.

It was announced that the caucus to choose delegates for the national convention would be held on March 11 at the Prairie Restaurant. Curt Hohn, declared candidate for the United States House of Representatives, will be speaking to the Clay County Democrats on Friday, March 24 at 7 p.m. at the Prairie Restaurant. Light refreshments will be served. Local Democratic candidates will also be introduced at this time.

The next meeting of the Clay County Democrats will take place on Wednesday noon, April 12 at the Prairie Restaurant. Local Democratic candidates will give brief presentations. All Clay County Democrats are urged to attend.

Vermillion Rotary Club

Randy Houska called the meeting to order for our regular luncheon at the Silver Dollar. We had five guests today from Vermillion High School: senior class members Nick Schieber, Amy Schoellerman, Sandra Schwiefert, Ani Sefer and Sam Simonds.

In what looked suspiciously like a rigged election we quickly chose the state of officers to serve for the next year. Dean Clark ascends to the presidency, Missy Mayfield becomes vice president, Kathy Chandler is still stuck with the treasurer's job and the two new board members are Connie Nelson and John Storm.

Chuck Yelverton kicked off the annual campaign to buy and supply bicycle helmets for Vermillion's second graders and managed to auction off the first helmet donation to some unlucky bidder. April 14 is the date on which the helmets will be presented to our local tykes who will thereafter ride off in Rotarian-supported greater safety.

Following the compelling suggestion of Rotarian Kris DeWitt, Mike McFarland, also over there in ROTC, presented our program for the day � an account of living it up in Saudi Arabia. All in all it did not sound like the kind of place you would visit to have a good time, though it certainly would be interesting. And you wouldn't have to buy much in the way of new vacation clothing. A suitable shroud would about do it. Bringing along an inclination to consider the iniquities and decadence of the western way of life would also be of help. A bus ticket to get you out to Bahrain might also be helpful.

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