Didja know Bob has a cure for writer’s block?

Didja know Bob has a cure for writer's block? By Bob Karolevitz I've got a great cure for writer's block. Every time I have trouble coming up with a column idea, I just go to my Didja file and � Presto! � I'm good for another week.

This is one of those times.

Didja know that the best way to cure amnesia is to forget about it?

Didja hear about the cotton thief who was held without bale?

Didja know that he who thinketh by the inch and talketh by the yard deserveth to be kicketh by the foot?

Didja hear about the guy who thought a SWAT team killed house flies?

Didja know that the last key in the bunch opens the lock?

Didja know that King Midas had a gilt complex?

Didja ever wonder why there are no recipes for leftover lobster?

Didja realize that the first person who gets off a crowded elevator is always standing in the back?

Didja hear about the tardy student who graduated summa cum later?

Didja know that if you crossed a chicken with a centipede, there'd be a leg for everybody?

Didja know that we'd all eat better if vegetables smelled like bacon?

Didja hear about the computer that's so nearly human that when it makes a mistake, it blames it on another computer?

Didja know that a parking meter is the only place where you can buy time?

Didja hear about the dermatologist who built his practice from scratch?

Didja know that the best acting at the Academy Awards is done by the losers congratulating the winners?

Didja hear about the born loser who got a paper cut from his get well card?

Didja know that a politician who has lost an election is called a consultant?

Didja hear about the dentist who had a rough day at the orifice?

Didja know that acupuncture has its good points?

Didja hear about the guy who was so ugly that even the tide wouldn't go out with him?

Didja know that a collectible is any object that becomes incredibly valuable six months after you throw it away?

Didja hear about the scientist who crossed a carrier pigeon with a woodpecker? It not only carries the message, but it knocks at the door.

Didja know that I'm starting to collect more Didjas for the next time I'm in trouble!

© 2000 Robert F. Karolevitz

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