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FSA Notes By Keith Zanter Many questions have been asked concerning the new Oilseeds Program that will be running through the month of March. Producers who planted an eligible oilseed in 1999 are eligible for this program. Generally, in Clay County this will be soybeans, but also includes sunflowers, flax, etc.

For producers who planted oilseeds in 1999, the payment will be figured by the higher of the planted acreage in 1997 or 1998 times either the county yield or the producer's proven yield times the projected payment rate of $0.1409 per bushel. Funding of $475 million has been authorized nationwide for this program, so the actual payment rate may be higher or lower and will be determined after the end of the sign-up.

The Clay County soybean yield has been established at 40 bushels per acre for this program. Producers will be given the opportunity to use this 40 bushels per acre yield, or may elect to use their actual 1997 or 1998 yield. For those who wish to use their actual yield from 1997 or 1998, all assembling sheets will need to be added up and divided by the total number of acres.

Due to the limited time for taking applications, the office will not be able to add up production for either 1997 or 1998. Therefore, the producer will be responsible for bringing in one total figure of production for 1997 and/or 1998 if choosing not to use the allotted 40 bushels per acre.

Actual yields shall reflect the average yield for all planted soybean acres. The sign-up period for the Oilseeds Program ends March 31. We anticipate a large sign-up, so please call to schedule an appointment at (605) 624-7060 ext. 2.

We will be having informational meetings at the Wakonda Legion Hall on Tuesday, March 7 at 2 p.m. and at the Clay County 4-H Center on Wednesday, March 8 at 2 p.m. Anyone interested in learning more about the Oilseeds Program, loan repayments, or having any other topics of concern should attend these meetings.

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