Group of 64 claims $100,000

Group of 64 claims $100,000 A group of 64 Powerball players from the Vermillion area have a big reason to celebrate. They pooled their money and won $100,000 in the March 11 Powerball drawing.

Wayne Thedorff, who owns a local feed business, claimed the prize on Tuesday for the group of friends, who originally pooled their money a few weeks ago for a chance at a $150 million Powerball jackpot. Players each invested $100 toward that drawing, with the agreement that any winnings would be split equally among them. The group won $944 in that drawing and decided to reinvest all their winnings in the March 11, $12 million Powerball drawing.

"I took all those tickets to Jones' Food Center, where we bought them, and the machine picked up on the fact that we had a big winner," Thedorff said. "Then the phone calls began."

Thedorff said each group member would keep about $1,000 of the money, and then invest the rest toward another big jackpot. To date, 77 Powerball prizes of $100,000 have been won in South Dakota.

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