Letters VHS choir asks for community's help

To the editor:

This is an appeal for help for the Vermillion High School Music Department's choir trip to New York. As you may know, members of the high school choir are joining singers from other Midwestern high schools in concert at Carnegie Hall on April 16. Prof. Larry Torkelson has organized the singers and will be musical director for the event. Our kids are working hard to raise the $925 for air fare and basic expenses but some of them are finding this a daunting challenge.

I am hoping that if you've enjoyed our singing at some community event or believe as I do that this will be a great educational experience you might help us through a donation or by attending our fund-raising choir concert on March 13.

Donations may be sent to Vermillion High School Music Boosters, Att. Jeanne Dahlin, Vermillion High School, 1001 East Main, Vermillion.

Any help would be really appreciated.

Jeanne Dahlin


Are hectic lifestyles hurting our families?

To the editor:

I'm hoping with writing this letter that I can accomplish the beginning of a dialogue amongst other parents, families and leaders in and around our community. I'm also looking for responses from those wise individuals who can see through it all and put a realistic perspective on it. What is it?

I'm referring to the deluge of busyness that surrounds us all. I'm referring to the guilt when all the expectations of the average family are not met. I'm referring to the irony of needing to be there for your kids when in actuality it seems that they need to be elsewhere more often than at home and they just need money for all the various activities going on.

Now, let me explain that I am not complaining entirely. I realize that being involved is what life is all about. However, there is just too much. One of the most difficult things I experience is that constant feeling that the parents are not ever doing quite enough for whatever the cause may be. Every organization that kids and adults are involved in wants full participation in an assortment of events.

I get so overwhelmed with just the basics of raising a family and working so I can help meet the financial needs that there is little energy for all the volunteer needs. And then there are the simple things. I am just not reading enough to my kids and I rarely turn in the hundreds of forms on time that must be filled out.

The opportunities for educational and experiential growth through various trips available are fabulous but are usually unaffordable. So I, again, disappoint my kids by saying. "no," they just can't go on that one extra trip. Yet, so many kids can go on all the trips, it seems. I'm sure there are many that can't go on any. What it comes down to is that in most cases, if you wish to enjoy the wonderful opportunities for your children you must have the money and/or find the energy to volunteer for the various fund-raising and planning committees.

Yes, this is life and I greatly respect and wish to thank all who willingly give of themselves so much to volunteer. However, reality is that each of us is capable of doing some of those but can only stretch ourselves so far before the other kids are being unsupervised or we are over-extending our money because we're trying to be involved parents! I hope that each one of us can respect each other's family size, personality differences and energy levels in these matters.

I haven't even mentioned the numerous sports events which in high school cost a "minimal" amount of money per person ? that is unless you must bring your kids with you (who really don't want to be there) because your spouse is out of town or working on some committee. Then that small fee becomes quite unaffordable. (Then you're looked at funny when you insist that you just can't buy them that snack at the game.) Don't get me wrong. I love the sports events. The term "soccer mom" epitomizes what I'm talking about. By now I've somewhat explained the experience I'm referring to. The question is, is this more prevalent than we are letting on? Should this be the norm? Is it me or society?

Now, I hope to not receive deceitful letters in response to this. There are no easy answers but it never hurts to examine new trends. I wish to hear from those individuals who are experiencing or have been through what I write about because one really doesn't understand unless they have gone through it. I would also love to hear from those trying to organize the various volunteer events as to their perspective on this.

With all of our great intentions, I feel that parental responsibilities are, in a sense, spiralling out of control (especially since it seems that both parents must work these days) and somewhere something must give. The money and time are given out of love for our children. At the same time there is not enough of either. Are the children feeling the strain that we are feeling? Are they benefiting as we hope? Thoughts on this please.

Cindy Gehm


P.S. Keep in mind that I have four children ages 7-18.

Student seeks help with class project

To the editor:

Hi! My name is Chelsey LeBlanc. I attend Lake Elementary School in St. Amant, LA.

I am doing a project in social studies on states, and I pulled South Dakota. I would like it if you would send me some postcards on your state because it would really help me out. I could put them in my project. I would appreciate it if you would publish my letter so that people could send me postcards at:

Chelsey LeBlanc

44038 Bertrand Rd.

St. Amant, LA 70774

Thank You

Chelsey LeBlanc

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