Oilseed producers must apply at FSA by March 31

Oilseed producers must apply at FSA by March 31 Sign up for the oilseed program has been running smoothly said SED, Mike O'Connor. Local county offices have been very busy taking oilseed applications and yield certifications from producers across the state. Producers who planted an eligible oilseed (soybeans, sunflowers, flax, canola, rapeseed, safflower, mustard, and crambe) in 1999 are eligible. Sign up is not automatic; oilseed producers must visit their local FSA Office by March 31 to complete an application.

Projected payment rates were calculated based on the 5-year average price for each oilseed, after dropping the high and low years, and adjusted to keep spending within the authorized level. Actual payment rates will be determined after sign up ends March 31.

Crop and projected payment rates:

Soybeans (bu) $.1409; Sunflowers (cwt) $.2553; Flax (bu) $.1212; Canola (cwt) $.2531; Rapeseed (cwt) $.2680; Safflower (cwt) $.3369; Mustard (cwt) $.3149; Crambe (cwt) $.2531.

To apply, a producer must file one application for all of the producer's farms at the county office that serves as the producer's control county. FSA records show that every county has soybean producers, last year almost 4 million acres were reported as planted to soybeans.

The payment yield(s) can be the national or county average yields OR producers can certify to actual production. Producers are encouraged to bring in total number of bushels from their best year, 1998 or 1997. FSA will use those bushels to help determine their yield certification. O'Connor said that many time, the producer's actual yield would be higher than using national or country average yields. Producers must be accurate in certifying to a yield in lieu of using the national or county average.

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