Race develops for city council

Race develops for city council Voters in Vermillion's Northwest Ward will go to the polls April 11 to decide a race between incumbent Richard Burbach and challenger John E. (Jack) Powell for a position on the Vermillion City Council. Other holders of local government offices whose terms will soon expire have filed nominating petitions for re-election.

An election will not be necessary for those individuals seeking another term because they are unopposed.

Sheila Donnelly, business manager of the Vermillion School District, reports that Vermillion School Board incumbents Tom Craig and Mark Bottolfson are unoppposed and will each serve another three-year term on the board.

City Finance Officer Mike Carlson reports that the following incumbent members of the Vermillion City Council have filed nominating petitions for two-year terms and are unopposed: Barbara Yelverton, Central Ward; Gary Wright, Northeast Ward; Mayor William Radigan and Alderman Roger Kozak, Southeast Ward. Kevin Annis will serve another one-year term representing the Northeast Ward.

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