Tax assessment appeal deadline is March 16

Tax assessment appeal deadline is March 16 The year 2000 real estate assessment notices were mailed by county assessors on or about March 1 throughout South Dakota.

Anyone wanting to appeal the county assessor's valuation of their real estate must notify their local board of equalization by March 16, according to Don Peterson, Extension management and marketing economist at South Dakota State University.

People living in the country must notify their township clerk. People living in small towns must notify their town clerk and those in larger cities must notify their city finance office.

In 1994, the legislature initiated a change in the appeal process which states that property owners who plan to appeal the valuation of their property must file an appeal with the township clerk, town clerk, or city finance office, whichever is appropriate.

These officers must then provide a copy of each appeal to the director of equalization on March 17.

Therefore, it is recommended, but not required by law, that any appeal be made in writing and include the legal description of the property and the name, address, and phone number of the appellant.

Having it in writing reduces the chance of an error which would stop the appeals process, Peterson said.

When the appeals are turned in to the department of equalization, the equalization office will make available the official appeal forms which are to be completed when the appellant appears before the local (township, town, or city) board of equalization.

The local boards will be open for appeals between March 20 and 24, inclusive. Most will be open by appointment only.

This method provides for more orderly meetings, with the local boards knowing exactly how many appeals will be heard and allow them to schedule appointments to avoid wasting their and the appellants' time.

It also allows the local board to contact the equalization office for information, if there are any questions about a piece of property.

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