VHS singers successful at vocal contest

VHS singers successful at vocal contest The High School Regional Vocal contest was held Feb. 16 at the Summit Center in Yankton.

Vermillion High School took 68 students to the contest and finished the day with 39 I ratings and 15 IIs. Susan Odson, Carman Howard, Jan Ireland, Jeanne Dahlin, Vicky Lio, Kristi Rath and Dariel Weaver were accompanists for the day.

It will be possible to hear some of these singers at the annual Evening of the Stars sponsored by the Vermillion Music Boosters on Sunday, March 5. The following students earned I ratings:

Piano solo: Matt Rusch, Dariel Weaver.

Vocal solo: Arthur Begley, Hannah Gehm, Catherine Odson, Adam Nelson, Anne-Marie Bickel, Risa Collins, Alison Obr, Jon Hoadley, Thom Kolbeck, Deanna Russell, Heather Reeves, Dariel Weaver, Amanda Aga, Rebecca Gehm, Alexis Lang, Jennifer Dickenson, Dan Necklace, Mary Nelson, Patrick Ireland and Erin Conlon.

Vocal duets: Christina Wells and Amy Berg, Tanya Johnson and Seth Phillips, Amber Reisdorph and Carey Engstrom, Rhiannon Chandler and Dariel Weaver, Patrick Ireland and Hannah Gehm, Christina Wells and Alison Obr, Anne-Marie Bickel and Dan Necklace, Alexis Lang and Erin Conlon.

Vocal trio: Jason Johnson, Thom Kolbeck and Tim Margheim.

Swing Choir: Amanda Aga, Rhiannon Chandler, Erin Conlon, Patty Crowley, Jennifer Dickenson, Hannah Gehm, Rebecca Gehm, Chelsea King, Alexis Lang, Vicky Lio, Mary Nelson, Alison Obr, Heather Reeves, Amber Reisdorph, Cara Stogsdill, Dariel Weaver, Laura Wilson. Arthur Begley, Jerad Hesla, Tim Goodman, Patrick Ireland, Jason Johnson, Seth Nesselhuf, Tim Margheim, Thom Kolbeck, Todd Stephens, Dan Necklace, Adam Nelson, Mark Vickery, Chris Hayes, Jon Rusch and Jon Hoadley. The swing choir's choreographer is Randy Wallenberg.

Quintet: Dariel Weaver, Sara Hoadley, Laura Doohen, Andrea Von Eye and Tanya Johnson.

Mixed Octet: Dariel Weaver, Erin Conlon, Alexis Lang, Alison Obr, Adam Nelson, Dan Necklace, Tim Margheim and Jon Hoadley.

Large group: Tim Margheim, Seth Phillips, Jon Hoadley, Patrick Ireland, Thom Kolbeck, Dan Necklace, Adam Nelson, Jerad Hesla, Arthur Begley, Jason Johnson, Seth Nesselhuf and Todd Stephens.

Large group: Laura Wilson, Amber Reisdorph, Cara Stogsdill, Alexis Lang, Rhiannon Chandler, Andrea Von Eye, Anne-Marie Bickel, Audrey Foltz, Mary Nelson, Carrie Hanson, Sarah Thompson, Sara Hoadley, Jennifer Dickenson, Kristi Rath, Jennifer Frye and Dariel Weaver.

Large group: Brittany Sand, Tessa Tuetken, Kaylie Heesch, Jenna Gilkyson, Dru Van Kley, Tara Job, Nicki Mollet and Ashley Bjorkman.

Large group: Lisa Doohen, Gwen Moldenhauer, Amanda Aga, Megan Deaver, Deanna Russel, Heather Reeves, Michele Morse, Catherine Odson and Rebecca Gehm.

Large group: Rebecca Gehm, Camille Andrews, Lisa Doohen, Bridget Amundson, Crystal Button, Gwen Moldenhauer, Meghan Reinhart, Megan Deaver, Heather Reeves, Michele Morse, Catherine Odson, Rachel Wells, Amanda Aga and Deanna Russel.

Three soloists and two groups received I* at the contest. The men's large group singing Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme and a mixed octet singing Climbing up the Mountain received this rarely given highest award. Also receiving I* on their solos were Dan Necklace singing O del mio dolce ardor and Old Man River; Erin Conlon singing Stride La Vampa and Patrick Ireland singing O to be in England.

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