Young wrestlers host tourney

Young wrestlers host tourney The Vermillion Youth Wrestling Club hosted its first annual wrestling tournament on Saturday, Feb. 12 with over 70 participants.

The results of the Vermillion participants were:

Michael Wingen first; Tyler Osborne second; Channing Kiertzner fourth; Aaron Steele first; Joe Peterson second; Carson Sullivan fourth; William Mart third; Chris Mart second; Kalder Roel fourth; Tanner Mart first; Jeff Carr third; Luke Heine first; Andrew Kludt fourth; Casey Carlson first; Dexter Johnson fourth; JR Moore second; Andrew Eidem second; Shame Roel fourth; Tyler Thedorf fourth; Ryan O'Connor fourth; Kyle Hubert second; Michael Heine second; Eric McPherson second; Drew Sammelson fourth; and Tyler Steele fourth.

The Vermillion Wrestling Club thanks all who volunteered to make the wrestling tournament a success.

Members of the Vermillion Youth Wrestling Club also participated in the Brandon Valley Wrestling tournament on Saturday, Feb. 5. Results were: JR Moore first; Ryan O'Connor third; Michael Wingen second; and Joey Brewer third.

On March 4, members of the Vermillion Youth Wrestling Club participated in the District 10 AAU Wrestling Tournament in Elk Point. Qualifiers for the region tournament are: Kyle Hubert first; Nick Mart second; Tyler Thedorf third; Eric McPherson fourth; Casey Carlson fourth; Kenny Mays seventh; Joseph Brewer eighth; Tanner Mart eighth.

Others who participated but did not qualify were Tyler Steele, Aaron Steele, Joe Peterson, Chris Mart and JR Moore. The region tournament is Saturday, March 18 at Salem.

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