Architects will analyze City Hall to prepare for remodeling

Architects will analyze City Hall to prepare for remodeling by David Lias The Vermillion City Council has agreed to hire the architectural firm of Miller, Sellers and Heroux of Sioux Falls to perform a preliminary analysis of City Hall.

Aldermen and other city government officials will use the architects� findings to identify major issues before considering the building�s remodeling.

The remodeling project carries a funding designation of $250,000 in the second penny sales tax funding plan for 2001.

According to a letter from the architectural firm, it will work with the city in �evaluating the feasibility for adaptive reuse� of the existing structure. In its initial report, the firm will present the city with a code review of City Hall to validate:

? its construction type with the acceptability of proposed uses;

? code analysis of required exits from all levels;

? outline of ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) accessibility requirements;

? restroom review for UBC and/or ADA requirements;

? door width report;

? structural field observations, with discussion of possibilities and limitations for proposed renovation and

? anticipated costs of remodeling, including a range of costs for different options.

The city will pay the architects $3,700 for the analysis. The agreement is intended to be independent of the possible future hiring of architectural design services.

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