Boys’ tennis team opens spring season

Boys' tennis team opens spring season VHS head boys' tennis coach Chris Hovden was positive in the evaluation of his team's performance at Yankton last Saturday, April 1.

"We played well as a team for the first matches of the season," he said. "We gained some needed experience � and we were missing two varsity players due to ACT testing on that day. We're looking forward to the rest of the season."

Team Scores � Yankton 9, Vermillion 0.

Singles: Ryan Elwood (Y) def. Jon Spader 10-1; Conan Malady (Y) def. Jason Holoch 10-0; Jeff Meyer (Y) def. Anders Fremstad 10-1; Kevin Meyer (Y) def. Ani Seferi 10-1; Ben Scholtz (Y) def. Tim Goodman 10-3; Brett Sander (Y) def. Thom Smith 10-1.

Doubles: Elwood/Malady (Y) def. Holoch/Spader 10-1; Meyer/Sander (Y) def. Fremstad/Seferi 10-1; K. Meyer/ Scholtz (Y) def. Goodman/ Smith 10-2.

Exhibition: Geng Wang (V) def. Mark Chase 7-6; Nathan Scheidel (V) def. Justin Williamson 6-4; Jeff Eisenbraun (Y) def. Scheidel 6-3; Pat Kennedy (Y) def. Wang 6-4; Wang/Scheidel (V) def. Chase/Williamson 6-2; Eisenbraun/Kennedy (Y) def. Wang/Scheidel 10-0.

Team Scores � Heelan 9, Vermillion 0.

Singles: Jesse Dykstra (H) def. Jeff Spader 10-8; Matt Feauto (H) def. Jason Holoch 10-10 (7-5 tiebreaker); Dan Fitch (H) def. Anders Fremstad 10-5; Joe Griesel (H) def. Ani Sereri 10-3; Seth Black (H) def. Tim Goodman 10-7; Chris Kuehl (H) def. Tom Smith 10-7.

Doubles: Dykstra/Feauto def. Spader/Holoch 10-8; Fitch/ Griesel def. Fremstad/Sereri 10-2; Kuehl/Black def. Goodman/

Smith 10-8.

The Tanagers entertained Sioux City Heelan on April 4.

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