County will consider burning ban ordinance

County will consider burning ban ordinance by David Lias The Clay County Commission has scheduled a May 2 hearing to consider a law that will allow it to declare fire danger emergencies and prohibit open burning in the county.

The proposed ordinance would allow the county to declare a fire danger emergency during times when weather or other conditions exist which make open burning hazardous and a danger to public safety.

During the fire emergency period set by the county, all open burning of any substance would be prohibited in all unincorporated areas of Clay County.

Burning would be allowed after the commission rescinds the fire emergency.

The proposed law also includes penalties to individuals that are careless with fire.

It reads that any person who creates, commits, maintains or permits to be created open burning in violation of a fire danger emergency shall be deemed to have created a public nuisance.

The maximum penalty for violating a fire danger emergency is a $200 fine and 30 days incarceration in the Clay County Jail.

Burning in containers, fireplaces, stoves and furnaces will be allowed by the new law.

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