New ag businesses greet public

New ag businesses greet public Well-wishers and potential customers stroll through the new home of M & W Services and Valley Ag Supply. by David Lias There were so many things for Mindy and Woody Houser and Greg Pirak to do in such a short time.

They unveiled their new businesses � in a brand new 72-foot by 125-steel building located on Vermillion's western edge.

They greeted the curious hopefully, future customers. They gave tours of their new facility. They even served lunch.

The tours and lunch were all part of an open house for M & W Service, operated by the Housers, and Valley Ag Supply, owned by Pirak.

M & W Services offers a wide variety of retail seed for sale, as well as livestock feed products and pet food.

Valley Ag Supply is a new chemical supplier for farmers in the area, and also offers custom chemical application services.

"We retail out Pioneer seed, and we've independently added Ralco-mix feed products for various livestock," Woody Houser said, describing M & W Services. "We're also a dealer for Diamond Pet Foods."

Pirak's Valley Ag Supply business is designed to help farmers with chemical needs.

"He is both a chemical supplier and he also offers custom application," Woody Houser said.

One might think that this would be the busiest time of the year for M & W Services, with spring planting right around the corner.

Mindy Houser doesn't deny that the new business will soon pick up in activity.

"But the timing needed to make seed sales meant that Woody was really busy in the winter," she said, at the same time that the new building was being designed and constructed in Vermillion.

There were 10 semi truckloads of bagged seed stacked inside the building during Friday's open house. It made only a small dent in the structure's capacity.

One observer noted that the building could easily house an indoor basketball court.

Large doors are located on the east and west ends of the building. They are high enough to allow semi trucks to drive inside to either drop off loads of seed, or pick up a delivery for a farmer.

"Farmers will be coming here to pick up their seed and other products," Mindy Houser said. "And we'll be delivering a lot. We also have sales representatives in Wakonda and Jefferson."

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