Shoes collected for Guatemala

Shoes collected for Guatemala As part of Vermillion High School's advanced speech class's commitment to authentic speaking activities, Peggy Dimock added a community service portion to the class.

"I felt that a community service project would get the students out of the classroom and speaking in public," she said.

The class was enthusiastic about the idea of doing something good for others and after much deliberation and research decided to collect shoes and send them to Guatemala.

The project has produced the desired result for the students. With the help of the community and hard work of the students, the class was able to reach their goal of 500 pairs of shoes. They have also received the experience of public speaking and were able to get a real taste of public relations. In addition the class has experienced the satisfaction of helping an underdeveloped country and improving global community.

"I never could have predicted how well this would go. I was astonished at how much community support we were given and how much fun the kids had doing it," Dimock said.

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