Students participate in poster art contest

Students participate in poster art contest The Clay County VFW Auxiliary #3061 of Vermillion sponsored a poster art contest with the theme "Salute the Stars and Stripes" for students in pre-school through sixth-grade. All schools in Clay County were invited to participate.

Dorothy Lane, Americanism chairman, presented monetary awards from the VFW Auxiliary to the following students:


Katie Van Balen, daughter of Jeanne and John Van Balen.

First Grade

Tony Henderson, son of Holly and Scott Henderson; Dain Gall, son of Dawn Anderson.

Second Grade

Laura Hansen, daughter of Beth and Bob Hansen; Annie Subramanian, daughter of Alka and Suresh Subramanian.

Third Grade

Hilary Callahan, daughter of Robin and Kim Callahan; Shannon Jepsen, daughter of Jeanne and Scott Jepsen.

Fourth Grade

Rachel A. Odens, daughter of Eleri and Mick Odens; Jessa Waters, daughter of Barb Waters.

Fifth Grade

Ariel Hofman, daughter of Pam and Ray Hofman; Phillip Devine, son of Joan and Jim Devine.

Sixth Grade

Mikaela Kizer, daughter of Val and Terry Kizer; Tammy Stockland, daughter of Eileen and Roger Stockland.

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