University of South Dakota employees will be honored

University of South Dakota employees will be honored The University of South Dakota will honor employees for years of service during the annual Employee Recognition Reception at 3:15 p.m., April 25 in the Rushmore Rooms of the Coyote Student Center, and in Sioux Falls at 9 a.m., April 27 in the Health Science Center, Room 333. Honorees include:

40 years

Eleanor Fabricius, Registrar.

35 years

Richard Duman, Microbiology; P.K. Holmes, Nursing; Dennis Johnson, School of Business; Luann Ouellette, Facilities Management; Robert M. Stoner, Chemistry.

30 years

Wayne Bruning, Division of Tech for Training; Jon Flanagin, Social Behavior; John Fremstad, Political Science; Andrew Girard, Building Maintenance; Jeffery Johnson, Physiology & Pharmacology; Dennis Martens, Auxiliary Services; Bruce Milne, Division of Tech for Training; Donna Sommervold, Law Library; Adrian Weiss, English.

25 years

John Day, Office of Dean, College of Fine Arts; Judy Flanagin, Communication Disorders; William Fuller, Psychiatry; David Jensen, Custodial Services; Karyl Knodel, Law Library; Gary Mincks, Custodial Services; Ronald Moyer, Theatre; Lea Rumelhart, Custodial Services; Douglas Soule, Psychiatry; Donna Tucker, Educational Resource Center; Grace Wratz, Neurology.

20 years

Kathy Carlson, Accounting; Joseph Dwyer, Custodial Services; DeVee Dykstra, School of Business; Royce Engstrom, Office of Research; Herbert Fickbohm, Educational Media Center; Carol Hanson, Office of Dean, School of Law; Robert Hilderbrand, History; Teresa Johnson, Auxiliary Services; Dona Kennealley, Alcohol & Drug Abuse; Muriel Larson, Nursing; Charles Luecke, TRIO; Alan Morris, Internal Medicine; Linda Richardson, Music; Evelyn Schlenker, Physiology & Pharmacology; Ann Settles, Anatomy & Structural Biology; Dean Spader, Political Science; Dennis Stevens, Pediatrics; Ray Thompson, Division of Tech for Training; Constance Twedt, Occupational Therapy.

15 years

Noreen Aason, Rapid City self support; Paula Allstot, Admissions; Susan Benton, I.D.Weeks Library; Vinod Bhatara, Psychiatry; Irma M. Burbach, Residential Life; Patricia Doohen, Educational Administration; Ernetta Fox, Health Science Library; Ruby Frank, Residential Life; David Gottsleben, Intercollegiate Athletics; Kenneth Hannahs, Facilities Management; Lorraine Hanson, Accounting; Mary Hutton, School of Law; John Mueller, Residential Life; Lois Norling, Psychology; Dianna Olson, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology; Michael Olson, Microbiology; Frank Pommersheim, School of Law; Karen Prusa, Financial Aid; Alan Ross, OBG/YN; Darlene Stegenga, Internal Medicine; Rosemary Suing, Head Start; Robert Ulrich, School of Law; Leigh Washburn, Microbiology; Ileen Weisser, Individual & Project Research A&S; Philip Winskunas, Surgery; Barbara Yutrzenka, Psychology.

10 years

Beverly Kroupa, Custodial Services; Jean Wilson, OBG/YN; Kamala Arogyaswamy, School of Business; Jerome Blake, Pediatrics; Floyd Boschee, Educational Administration; Marlys Boschee, Curriculum and Instruction; Douglas Brenner, Speech Communication; Barbara Brockevelt, Occupational Therapy; Michael Card, School of Business; Edward E. Carlson, Residential Life; Mary Lou Christopherson, Residential Life; Charles Cranston, Mass Communication; Luann Eidsness, Internal Medicine; Sheryl B. Etling, School of Law; Jose Flores, Mathematical Science; Thomas L. Geu, School of Law; Christine Girard, Head Start; Istvan Gombocz, Modern Language; Lori Hansen, Office of the Dean, Yankton; Steve Hazlett, Curriculum and Instruction; Timothy Heaton, Earth Science/ Physics; Linda Sue Heinis, Nursing; Maxcene Helseth, Childcare Center; Brad James, TRIO; Ole Myron Jerde, Office of the Dean, Rapid City; Jevon Jerke, Computing Service; Davis John, Internal Medicine; Julie Johnson, Student Health Services; Pamela Jurgensen, Psychology; Christina Keller, Earth Science/ Physics; Kenneth Korn, Student Health Services; Peggy Larsen, Nursing; Carol Leibiger, English; Cathy Logue, Introduction to Clinical Medicine; Linda Mattson, Personnel; Crystal McGuire, Administration; Mary Merrigan, Student Counseling Center; Elizabeth Miller, Microbiology; Margaret Miller, I.D. Weeks Library; David Myron, Building Maintenance; Dennis Navrat, Art; Jack Niemonen, Social Behavior; Rolf Olson, Music; Frederick Peabody, Biology; Carol Pollman, Nursing; Judith Rein, Student Health Services; Rozann Reyerson, Nursing; James Richardson, Health, Physical Education & Recreation; Maurine Richardson, Curriculum and Instruction; Lynn B. Rognstad, VP/Academic Affairs; Lila Rucker, Political Science; Jeanette Smolik, Auxiliary Services; Anthony Solbach, Chemistry; Lisa Spiegel, Curriculum and Instruction; Patsy Sullivan, Admissions; Barbara Timm, Community Service Project; Carol Ann Traut, Political Science; Angelina Trujillo, Internal Medicine.

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