USD alumnus to tell ‘Stories that Heal’

USD alumnus to tell 'Stories that Heal' Mary Sue Siegel, a University of South Dakota alumnus, will present "Stories that Heal" Saturday, April 29 in Farber Hall at 7:30 p.m.

Siegel, whose ancestral roots are in Romania, Greece, Sweden, Germany and Ireland, graduated in 1974 from USD as a student of theatre arts. She now conducts a practice in body oriented unitive psychotherapy in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, where she lives with her daughter and husband.

As a child, Siegel heard family tales first from her grandfather who painted verbal pictures of poverty in Romania, the closeness of his family and how it felt to be a Jewish transplant to the midwestern prairie cornfields of Iowa. Through the years, Siegel learned the stories and retold them to her baby-sister, who became her first audience.

Now, after a serious illness and several losses, storytelling has reappeared vividly in Siegel's life. Captivated by the healing power of life stories, she began searching her own family history for lessons about recreating identity through emergency from loss. Her amazing collection of tales self-authored and found in the world's greatest literature, continues to to expand, ready for sharing with diverse groups of people. Siegel's stories, designed for adult and teen audiences, include action, humor, color, power and magic. Her work challenges, stings, heals and transforms.

During her USD appearance, piano and song interludes will be performed by Jo Scott-Cannon and Nikki Abourezk.

The program is sponsored by the USD Counseling Center.

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