Victory belongs to Tanagers at Sioux Falls Washington

Victory belongs to Tanagers at Sioux Falls Washington Tennis matches at Sioux Falls Washington on Thursday, April 20 brought another win for the Tanager boys' tennis team.

Early temperatures were below normal, with winds strong from the north. Track meets at Canton and Lennox were postponed, as were a couple of tennis matches between Sioux Falls Lincoln and Sioux Falls Rooselvelt, but the Vermillion boys' tennis team faced the adverse conditions and brought home a 6-3 victory over Washington.

Singles: Jon Spader (V) def. Adam Lewis (W) 10-8; Nate Mortenson (W) def. Dan Ring (V) 10-6; Jason Holoch (V) def. Brent Knaeble (W) 10-4; Chris Yutrzenka (V) def. Scott Feinstein (W) 10-5; Anders Fremstad (V) def. Josh Barta (W) 10-5, 10-4; Stephen Fausch (W) def. Geng Wang (V) 10-7.

Doubles: Spader/Ring (V) def. Lewis/Mortenson (W) 10-8; Knaeble/Feinstein (W) def. Holoch/Yutrzenka (V) 10-4; and Fremstad/Wang (V) def. Barta/Fausch (W) 10-8.

This was a close match throughout and the Tanagers prevailed!

"Any match played in windy conditions is difficult," said Coach Chris Hovden. "Our guys did a great job adjusting their games to fit the situation. Every match we play helps us prepare for the next."

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