City urged to stop spraying

City urged to stop spraying by David Lias April Gawboy told the Vermillion City CouncilMonday night that ordinances should be passed that ban the use of pesticides and herbicides at city parks and schools.

"We all know what pesticides do, but we still use them," she said, as she shared anecdotes that described individuals who experienced serious health problems after being exposed to the chemicals.

"We know that such things as lawn chemicals and weed killers and pesticides can cause leukemia," she said. "We know these things are bad, but we're still using them."

She told aldermen that last summer weed spray was applied near the city swimming pool while children were swimming.

"A lot of the spray got on the swim towels," Gawboy said. "A lot of the mothers got very upset when they saw that spray getting on the towels."

"I would just like to say that when you're dealing with pesticides, they can be misapplied," Gawboy said. "Accidents have happened in the past, and accidents are going to happen in the future."

Alternatives to using chemicals include mechanical methods and frequent mowing and watering to control weeds and make lawns lush, she said.

Chemicals disrupt natural methods of lawn maintenance, she said, by killing beneficial snakes and insects.

"There are organic and natural methods to deal with everything that is now being controlled by the use of chemicals," Gawboy said.

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