Clubs Theta Omega Chapter of ESA

The Theta Omega Chapter of ESA met at the home of Amy Gereats on Wednesday, May 10, with a social meeting. Sally Schmitz presented recognition awards to members for volunteer hours and years of membership. Polly Stewart noted the following awards given to our local chapter at the recent state convention:

* First place � ESA South Dakota state disaster fund certificate of award 1999-2000

* First place � Award of excellence in recognition of outstanding philanthropic monies 1999-2000

* ESA Foundation silver founder plateau of achievement to Barb Campbell

The Theta Omega annual yard sale is scheduled for Saturday, July 3 at 710 W. Clark Street. Donations are accepted by calling 624-8306.

A total of $600 was raised at the recent Beautiful Baby Contest will Erika Fallan being selected as the winner. The proceeds from this event will be sent to the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Barb Campbell is coordinating the Kaptured for Kids on June 20 at Sioux Falls Ford in Sioux Falls. Proceeds are also sent to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

The group will be doing volunteer work during June and July at the Civic Council. Next meeting is scheduled for September.

Vermillion Jaycees

The general membership meeting of the Vermillion Jaycees was called to order by President Elizabeth Acosta on May 16. Ryan Bear led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Members in attendance were Elizabeth Acosta, president, Dena Brady, director, Ryan Bear, director, Frank Acosta, MVP, Jon Callahan, Alana Richards and Jennifer Steele.

President Elizabeth Acosta gave the management development report. Elizabeth and Frank Acosta, Bear and Becky Hunsley will be attending the first trimester convention in Pierre on May 19-21. It was announced that the annual Jaycee Scholarship winner was Kimberlee Hoffman of Vermillion. Hope Schneider chaired the May basket for senior citizen's event which had a great response. Schneider's work was greatly appreciated by everyone.

Brady gave a report on the sandbox fill held May 6. It was a big success with 45 sandboxes and playgrounds being filled with more than 275 wheelbarrows of sand. Thank you to all who helped out with this event.

The Jaycees will be helping the Chamber with the children's bike parade in conjunction with the Summer Arts Festival on June 17. Please contact Acosta if you are interested in helping with this event.

Due to her relocation, Lisa Miller has given up her duties as secretary/treasurer. Jon Callahan was elected the new treasurer effective immediately. The secretary position is still available. Anyone interested in this position is asked to contact Acosta. The chapter thanks Miller for her years of service with the Vermillion Jaycees.

A motion was passed to change the Jaycees meetings to a summer schedule meeting only once a month for June, July and August on the first Tuesday of the month except for July which will be the second week because of the holiday. Please mark your calenders for the following dates: June 6, July 11 and Aug. 1 at 7 p.m. at the Chamber of Commerce.

Callahan led the Jaycees creed and Acosta shared this thought: The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is the "extra." Meeting was adjourned at 8 p.m.

The next meeting will be June 6 at the Chamber of Commerce. All members are encouraged to attend and make a difference.

Vermillion Lions Club

The Vermillion Lions Club met for its regular dinner meeting at the VFW Club at 6 p.m. on Thursday, May 18.

President Lion Julie Potter, reported that the board of directors had voted to donate $100 to the Boy Scouts and $250 to the Senior Citizens Center. She also reported that Lion Bill Farber had presented the two $250 dollar Lions Club Scholarships to Kim Hoffman and Landon Morse at the Vermillion High School Awards Day program. She told the group that she had received a thank you note from Katherine French on behalf of the Yankton Lions Club expressing their gratitude to the Vermillion club for sponsoring the Yankton club. She wrote that a donation to the Lions Club International Foundation had been made by the Yankton club in the name of Vermillion Lion Clifford Manley in honor of his support of and assistance with the Yankton group.

The June meetings will be held on June 1 and 15. The June 1 meal will be the last served by Deloris Gregg. The summer picnic will be held on July 13 at the northwest corner of Prentis Park.

Lion Ron Thaden told the group that Lion Marion Kryger was building a special outdoor planter for the enjoyment of the residents of the Sioux Valley Vermillion Care Center. Lion Ross King moved to donate enough money to cover the cost of the materials for the planter. Lion Young Moore seconded the motion and the motion carried.

Following the dinner and adjournment of the business meeting, a good number of Lions reassembled at Polaris Industries' Vermillion distribution center for a tour of the facility. Chris Witte, second shift supervisor, led the club members through the warehouse, from the receiving end to the shipping end.

The massive 240,000 square foot building is 800 feet long by 300 feet wide, the size of about five football fields. It is home to approximately 17,000 parts, garments, and accessories for the company's snowmobile, watercraft (Jet Ski), ATV (all terrain vehicle), and motorcycle lines. The Vermillion facility is the primary distribution center in North America and receives an average of 15 trucks per day and ships 3,000 UPS packages per day. Witte showed the Lions how the orders were processed, assembled, and staged for shipping.

The process relies heavily on a computerized and bar-coded system that yields the two-day turnaround promised to their distributors. (They do not distribute directly to the public.) With the warehouse about 95 percent full, Witte estimated that the company would likely expand the width of the building by 200 feet within the next couple of years.

The company currently employs approximately 175 persons including part time USD students who make up a good portion of their work force.

The next meeting of the Vermillion Lions Club will be held on June 1. The program will deal with long term care for the elderly and long-term care insurance options.

Vermillion Rotary Club

Randy Houska called the meeting to order for our regular luncheon at the Silver Dollar. Our guests today included Leslie Durham, Brook McBride and Peter Rohde.

Our district will be hosting nine or 10 exchange students (high school level) in the upcoming school year. Students will be coming here from Brazil, Denmark, Finland, Mexico and Norway. Our Vermillion club is hoping to host one of these students. Rotary International has a policy of requiring three host families for any particular student so that the visiting student will spend three to four months with each family. Anyone (including those not members of Rotary) who might be interested in hosting such a student should call John Fremstad (624-9117) or Bud Marshall (624-2200).

Our program May 23 was presented by Peter Rohde, teacher and principal at a secondary school in Wienerode, Germany, a small town on the northern side of the Harz Mountains. Twenty students from his school, sixth-, seventh-, and eighth-graders, are currently in Vermillion, taking part in various school and community activities and hosted by various families in the community. Rhode explained to us some of the particulars of secondary education in Germany while noting that policies vary somewhat between the 16 states of Germany.

His school lies in Saxonia-Anhalt, a state that was part of East Germany up until 1990. Many of Rhode's comments as well as questions from club members focused on the kinds of changes that have occurred in the last 10 years, since the re-unification of Germany.

We learned that most of the current teachers were also teachers in the old system, but nearly all of the principals and higher level administrative positions have been selected or appointed after the re-unification. A sharply lower birthrate in the eastern part of Germany is also leading to some closing down or consolidation of schools. Education, problematic enough under any circumstances, is especially challenging in the new Germany.

Rohde welcomed the opportunity to bring some of his students here to see the differences between how U.S. life is presented on television and in films with how it now appears to them on the streets and in the homes in Vermillion. If in the next week or so you come across some young people talking to each other in a language even more impenetrable than the teen talk of our own kids, it is very likely our guests from Wienerode.

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