Head Start children tour Vermillion recycling center

Head Start children tour Vermillion recycling center The children and staff from the USD Head Start program, Vermillion Centers, toured the recycling center recently. Each center brought a ball of aluminum foil that they had collected throughout the year. The morning and afternoon sessions of both classes worked together to save the foil and add it to the ball. The foil had been used to cover the warm foods during the breakfast, lunch and snack meals served at Head Start. Together the foil balls weighed 13 pounds.

The Head Start children also received a tour from Phyllis Packard and had a chance to be weighed on the scale used to weigh the foil balls. It was a great opportunity to learn about recycling. Hopefully the foil balls will be displayed at the center.

The Head Start program is a comprehensive family and child program serving children ages 3 to 5. A morning and afternoon session is held in a classroom on Main Street and another site with a morning and afternoon class is located at the Vermillion Middle School in connection with the early childhood program. Forty-seven children are served in the Vermillion classrooms.

Parents interested in enrolling their children in the Head Start program may contact 677-5235 to request applications.

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