IIAJC scheduled June 5 at The Bluffs

IIAJC scheduled June 5 at The Bluffs Junior golfers 18 years old and under will be playing in the local qualifying tournament of the Independent Insurance Agent Junior Classic June 5 at The Bluffs Golf Course in Vermillion.

The 32nd annual IIAJC National Finals will be played Aug. 14-18 at White Columns Golf Club in Alpharetta, GA. The national tournament is sponsored by the Independent Insurance Agents of America.

The IIAJC is rated as the third-best junior golf tournament in the United States.

The local IIAJC qualifying tournament is being organized by Mike Chaney of the Chaney-CorInsurance Agency. Top finishers will advance to the state finals in Sioux Falls July 18 and 19, which is one step away from a trip to the IIAJC National Finals.

Under the eligibility guidelines, boys and girls whose 19th birthday falls after the end of the 2000 IIAJC National Finals (Aug. 19 or later), who have not started college, will be eligible to participate in the 400 qualifying tournaments around the country. More than 10,000 junior golfers are expected to compete for a spot in the prestigious IIAJC National Finals.

For more information call Mike Chaney at 624-0031.

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